05 Cos d'Estournel for $12.99??????

So I was just fooling around with Wine-Searcher this morning and I came across something that I just couldn’t wrap my head around.


Why the two skews? What could they possibly be selling with that same heading that is $12.99?? Even when you click “Buy” it goes to your basket listed as a 750ml of the 05 Cos.

Obviously it’s some sort of mistake…but I am so tempted to order a few and make them ship me the 05 Cos at that price! What’s the worst that could happen? They call and say no dice, and I cancel the order? No skin off my back.

If they balk you could threaten to publish your complaint on a wine board. It’s been done before, I think. [stirthepothal.gif]

Within minutes…It’s already fixed…oh well.

Some people ordered.

May have been the 2005 Bordeaux d’Estournel that got misentered. The bottling was made (from what our importer told us) using fruit off Cos d’Estournels various holdings in Bordeaux, essentially used as nurseries should their estate vines need replacing. The juice is usually sold off with some lots made into a ‘house wine’ for large public events when they aren’t popping the good stuff. 05 was so good they chose to bottle more than usual and were able to release some into the American marketplace. We’ve sold @ 50 cases at $13.99 over the last year or so. Actually surprised there are still 2 skews around

In a similar way, I once ended up with some Pauillac de Domaines de Rothschild Lafite that was on a retailer’s website as Duhart Milon, and it took me many phone calls to finally convince them that it wasn’t the same wine. At the price transacted it was good for Duhart, but not so good for the generic Pauillac, but instead of returning it, they gave me a pretty good credit. It actually turned out to be pretty crummy wine. For the same price as these “3rd wines” I would rather have a decent Cru Bourgeois.

This is/was very solid for the $; 50/50 Cab and Merlot, very accessible but could cellar 4+ years without much issue. This is where these ‘vintage of the century’ years are at their best, when the fruit is so good the estates can’t bear with selling any off.