'05 Carillon P-M 'Les Perrières'

Since there have been so many disappointed notes on the Board recently about oxidized white burgundies I thought I would contribute a contrary example drunk Monday night of this week. This Puligny-Montrachet Carillon bottle was absolutely correct for the age: pale yellow color, not a hint of oxidation on the nose, a combination of steely minerality and hints of tropical fruit in the mouth, long finish. I was so impressed I located a source that had a cache of them on sale and bought a few more. I’m not brave enough to keep them ten years, but I would trust the wine I drank to develop beautifully over the next few.

David Kubiak

unfortunately, premox is random; half the wines in a given case may perform beautifully while the others disappoint. I love Carillon, though, especially the BBM and Perrieres . . .