Tanaro River Imports teaming up with Golden8Wines

Since its inception, Wine Berserkers has championed the small producer in the wine industry, as well as other small businesses related to wine (gourmet foods, wine accessories, etc) and now our friends in the wine industry who own small businesses have been presented with a great burden during the mandatory closures of wineries and bars. In the spirit of Wine Berserkers, and the shadow of BerserkerDay, let's show our support and help our friends in this industry, supporting them with our business.

This forum will be open to all small businesses in the wine industry. Tentatively we'll close it in 2 weeks, but let's see how things go...
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Tanaro River Imports teaming up with Golden8Wines

#1 Post by George Tita » March 26th, 2020, 10:35 pm

Hi folks,
I've teamed up with Ryan Curry of Golden8Wines to present a smattering of wines from across Italy. Some of these producers are likely to be familiar to you (Il Paradiso di Frassina from Montalcino and Lis Neris from Friuli), I've also included lesser known producers from Piemonte (Brangero and Segni di Langa) and Umbria (Az. Ag. Romanelli). Ryan, the producers and I thank you for your consideration. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.



Il Paradiso di Frassina
You may know this producer as the “guy that plays Mozart to his grapes” (and you’d be right), but Carlo Cignozzi is much more than that. Carlo joined Altesino at its inception and was spearheaded the purchase of Montosoli. Lacking the resources to do so himself, he convinced his childhood friend from Milano, Gianfranco Soldera, to buy a little piece of dirt known as Case Basse. President of the Consortzio, COO of Caparzo, Carlo has had a marvelous career in Montalcino and knows a thing or two about Brunello. All grapes are certified “Biological”.

2015 Brunello di Montalcino “MozArt” ($53.95/suggested $69.99)
Made on the northside of Montalcino, the “MozArt” vineyard is the tail of Montosoli. The wine is made in a traditional style with about 25 days of skin contact, then the requisite aging in mostly larger, used French tonneaux.

Accolades are high for the 2015 “MozArt”:
Decanter – 95pts (18.5/20):
A very pure and elegant expression of sangiovese from the north side of Montalcino. It feels as though there is a breeze blowing through it, which gives the fruit precision with no loss of depth. Drinking window 2020- 2028.
James Suckling – 94pts:
Putting your nose in this is like smelling a beautiful, long-brewed Chinese tea; it’s redolent of chamomile, nutmeg, cedar, walnuts, and cloves. This is neither the most concentrated nor the most structured Brunello; it’s not even the most fruity or fresh, but its unforced beauty and gliding, resolved tannin texture make for wonderful drinking – now or later.

2016 “12 Uve” ($28.95/$39.99)
We are also able to offer his “Super Maremma,” 12 Uve. A blend of 12 grapes (12 Uve), primarily sangiovese, cabernet, syrah with dollops of other Italian and international grapes. Punches way above it’s weight class for the price, in our humble opinion. Great fruit, fine, dusty tannins. Aged 18-24 months in large, mostly used, French barrels. Give this one a few minutes of air to blossom, or age it for a decade or more.

James Suckling – 93 points:
A very pretty, polished red with currant and plum aromas and flavors. Medium to full body. Fine, polished tannins. From biodynamically grown grapes. Drink or hold.

Az Ag Brangero
2015 Barolo Monvigliero ($54.95/$64.99)
https://www.golden8wines.com/product-p/ ... monvig.htm
Marco Brangero is third generation winemaker at his family’s estate in Diano d’Alba, outside of the Barolo DOCG. In the early 2000s, he built a small winery in the heart of Barolo to produce wines from grapes sourced in Serralunga, Barolo and Verduno. For the past several vintages, Marco has added to his holdings in Verduno and only produces a cru from Monvigliero.

Marco is tough to pigeon-hole with regards to his wine making style. Like a traditionalist, he goes after long maceration (40 days), but he’s not afraid to use (judiciously) a bit of new French oak. The result is a very pretty Barolo that captures the essence of Monvigliero – soaring aromatics, and comparably lighter/rounder tannins than Barolo made from other communes. The use of French oak adds a touch of power and depth to this wine.

James Suckling -- 92pts:
Ripe red with dust and berry aromas, as well as dried flowers on the nose. Full body. Round, chewy tannins. Flavorful and powerful. Needs more time to soften. Better after 2021.

Az. Ag. Romanelli
This is a fairly new (2005) family run operation on the eastern slope just a few hundred meters below Montefalco in Umbria. The production is all organic, and Devis Romanelli, the young winemaker, is inspired by the masters of the region, including Giampaolo from Paolo Bea.
We offer two wines from this estate, including a daily drinker (Montefalco Rosso) and a super geeky Trebbiano di Spoletino that sees extended skin contact

2016 Montefalco Rosso ($19.95/$24.95)
https://www.golden8wines.com/product-p/ ... ontros.htm
A blend of Sangiovese 65%, Sagrantino 15%, and equal part of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon provides a wonderfully delicious “pop and pour” food wine for simple pasta and pizza. The sangiovese adds bright cherry fruit and acidity, the sagrantino weighs in mightily with depth and tannins, while the cab and merlot pull it all together for a “dirty, sexy” glass pour! The fermentation is done in stainless steel vats featuring 45 days of skin contact. The wine is aged 12 months in used French oak barrels between 225 and 2500 liters, then a minimum of six months in the bottle before release.

2017 Le Tese ($23.95/$33.99)
100% Trebbiano Spoletino from ancient vines on the valley floor below Montefalco. Much of the grapes come from a vineyard that features the classic “maritata” method where the vines are “married” to a tree. These vines/trees are over 80 years old! The extended skin contact (45-50 days) is done in stainless steel after which the wine is racked and put back into steel for 8 months. Once bottled, the wine rests for an additional 6 months before release. Le Tese, like most wines of this genre, is a contemplative wine. As the wine warms to near cellar temperature, the flavors continuously evolve. Not for everyone, but those that like this style will be drawn to the complexity of this wine.

Segni di Langa
“Signature of the Langhe” is the perfect way to describe the philosophy of young-gun, Gian Luca Colombo. As a consultant to Diego Conterno, Reva, and a host of wineries throughout Italy, Gian Luca’s brilliance was recognized in 2014 when he was awarded the 2014 Gambelli prize for Best Young Winemaker in Italy. Seven years later, he continues to hone his craft and is spending the current winter transforming his production to biodynamic. Jancis Robinson rated each of the wines below 17+, but these wines are not about score (though we anxiously await Galloni’s verdict). These are about heart and soul and authenticity. For anyone fortunate enough to have meet Gian Luca, he’s hard to take seriously as he revels in being a jokester. But believe me, these are some serious wines made by a “Kid” that is carving a name for himself in Piemonte.

We offer three wines:
2017 Barbera d'Alba Superiore ($33.95/$42.99)

Vineyards age range from 45 years (Roddi) to 75 yrs (Canale in Roero) old. Each parcel is vinified separately with skin contact ranging from 25-35 days. The wine is then aged 9 months in botte grande (Austrian oak) and used tonneaux of 3rd – 5th passage. These are unfiltered and unfined. The color is deep purple with aromas reminiscent of black cherry, cassis and violet, in the mouth is enveloping warm, full and dense. Gina Luca recommends this wine be opened half an hour before tasting, and I won’t argue with him!

2017 Nebbiolo d'Alba ($35.95/$45.99)
This is Nebbiolo d’Alba in name only – you can literally have one foot in Gian Luca’s vineyard and the other in Monvigliero! Forty days of skin contact, then into used barriques and tonneaux for 10 months. Once again, there is no clarification or filtration. The wine is a bright ruby red color with garnet reflections. On the nose there are maraschino cherry, dried flowers such as white roses and violets. I also catch some cinnamon notes. On the palate good structure and depth with fresh red fruit and vibrant tannins.

2017 Langhe DOC Pinot Nero ($37.95/$49.99)
Gian Luca has been making his Pinot Nero for over 10 years. His vineyards are located in Barolo and Dogliani and the grapes undergo separate vinification. Skin contact lasts from 27-30 days and the wine is aged for 9 months in a combination of large neutral oak and concrete tanks. Needless to say, the wines are unfiltered and unfined so other than any bugs that get caught up in the crush, they are vegan! ☺. Gian Luca’s notes: Ruby red color with purple nuances. The nose is characterized by fruity scents of cherry, raspberry, and aromas of underbrush, cinnamon and clove. The palate is fresh and lively with elegant tannins that make the wine round and harmonious.

Lis Neris
“Lis Neris has been very well-known in Italy for years, but I rarely, if ever, hear much about the wines in the US, which is a shame. Proprietor Alvaro Pecorari crafts rich, textured wines from his vineyards in the Isonzo district. The top whites are all aged in 500-liter barrels, which gives the wines considerable texture.” - Antonio Galloni

Organically, sustainably farmed with solar power used to run the facilities, Lis Neris makes some knockout white from Friuli. We offer two wines:

2018 Pinot Grigio ($22.95/$27.99)
Proof that Pinot Grigio can be more than a cheap grocery/drug store buy, this wine has texture and body to show what, in the right hands, this grape can be. The vineyards are 15+ years old and grown in the DOC Friuli Isonzo. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, with 8 months on the lees. The wine has a floral freshness and enfolding salinity. Great with fish, chicken and on its own - #patiopounder.

2011 Confini ($35.95/$44.99)
https://www.golden8wines.com/product-p/ ... riscon.htm
Traminer, pinot grigio and riesling make this one intoxicating wine! The pinot grigio provides structure, depth, and softness. The gewurztraminer is important for aromatic qualities, while riesling provides balance with acidity. The first two grape varieties are late harvested. Fermentation in 500L French oak barrels, followed by maturation on the fine lees for 11 months. The 2011 is reaching its drinking peak (and will last for 5 or more years). A favorite to pair with Thai, Indian or other Southeast Asian cuisine!
Tanaro River Imports, LLC

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George Tita
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Re: Tanaro River Imports teaming up with Golden8Wines

#2 Post by George Tita » March 28th, 2020, 12:10 pm

Hi everyone,
Devis Romanelli, Gian Luca Colombo and Federico Ricci (Il Paradiso di Frassina) are in the process of registering and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! They will chime in soon.
Stay safe, everyone!
Tanaro River Imports, LLC

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Re: Tanaro River Imports teaming up with Golden8Wines

#3 Post by Federico Ricci » March 28th, 2020, 1:43 pm

Ciao from Montalcino!!! I'm Federico, the winemaker of Paradiso di Frassina! Nice to e-meet you!

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