TN: Zeitgeist TrousseauGris RRV '14...(short/boring)

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TN: Zeitgeist TrousseauGris RRV '14...(short/boring)

#1 Post by TomHill » April 17th, 2019, 7:24 am

Tried this wine last night w/ my leftovers:
1. Zeitgeist TrousseauGris Fanucchi-WoodRdVnyd/RRV (13.0%; 2014: Med.light gold color; fragrant spicy/apple/quince/slight floral some chalky/perfumed talc quite pleasant nose; bit soft slightly rich slight metallic/tangy/chalky/perfumed talc/stony light floral/apple/quince very slight pineapple quite pleasant if a bit simple flavor; very long bright/apple/pear/slight floral/apple blossom somewhat chalky/stony/perfumed talc bit metallic/tangy finish; an altogether pleasant apple/floral/stony white if a bit on the simple side; reminds a bit of a good Friulano but a bit more richness & texture; a bit like the old Wente Grey Rieslings but a bit more high-toned. $26.00 (WoP)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. New wnry for me. Wnry of Mark Porembski and Jennifer Williams. She was the winemaker at Spotswoode for several yrs. Seems to be mostly a Cabernet house.
2. TrousseauGris is the white variant of Trousseau, a red grape found mostly in the Jura, some in Alsace. The exact origins are not certain. It was once fairly widely planted in Calif under the name of GreyRiesling. But the undistinguished Wente & Sebastiani GR drove the variety into serious decline in the '80's. The 10-acre Funucchi-WoodRd planting, planted (for some reason) in 1981 is the largest such planting in the world. The grape is also interplanted in some of the old-vine Zin vnyds in SonomaCnty. GreyRiesling, like GreenHungarian, is a variety that is ripe for a comeback in Calif as some folks seek to make old-time Calif wines. Good luck on that one.

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