Favorite Travel Organizer App?

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Jeremy C
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Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#1 Post by Jeremy C »

Have used TripIt for years, but wanted to check and see if superior alternatives were out there.

Thanks in advance.

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Ian Sutton
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Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#2 Post by Ian Sutton »

FWIW I'm old school - it all goes into a word doc that's printed, but also a copy held in tablet or phone. I know of others that prefer spreadsheet. Stuff that goes in there are travel arrangements, bus/train times for possible day trips, restaurants, food shops, enoteche etc. generally with opening days / hours.

I have played with Google maps & have a 'Torino food explorer' that I'll keep updated each time we visit. I do need to re-cut it though, as I layered by 'type', whereas having tried it out in Torino last time, I'm sure it's better cut by area/quarter, and thankfully these are well-defined in Torino (Crocetta, Quadrilatero, San Donato etc.).

As well as a resource to plan around, it needs to work well in the scenario where (say) we're getting tired and need to stop for lunch - what options are there locally that sounded interesting? That's not to say we won't follow our noses instead - if somewhere we pass looks interesting, we're happy enough to trust our instincts. Plenty of good places that aren't in any 'top 10' (sic.) lists.
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Scott G r u n e r
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Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#3 Post by Scott G r u n e r »


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Monopole Crü
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Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#4 Post by M.Kaplan »

TripIt or TripIt Pro

AD Northup
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Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#5 Post by AD Northup »

I use TripCase because it’s automaticaly linked up to anything booked through Amex travel (was particularly helpful when I traveled excessively for work). Been using it for a few years and no complaints.
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Sally S
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Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#6 Post by Sally S »

OneNote...shareable with your travel partners/co-planners...
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Monopole Crü
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Re: Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#7 Post by JDavisRoby »

I’ve used TripIt in the past although it will add stuff I don’t want sometimes. Or, attempts to add events (concerts, dinner reservations) going on in my own city.

For my last two trips I’ve just used my iCloud calendar. It has started to recognize plane tickets and other reservations. It’s easily shareable to family or friends that are traveling. And, it’s one less company with access to my email inbox.

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Paul Miller
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Re: Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#8 Post by Paul Miller »

Interesting so many first time posters, but welcome.

I’m somewhat old school as well. But Google Maps is my must-have app. I plot key sites, restaurants, hotels, etc. Preload the visual maps, and GPS is a lifesaver.

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Victor Hong
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Re: Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#9 Post by Victor Hong »

Perhaps, this indicates what people hope to do soon.

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Michael O'Brien
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Re: Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#10 Post by Michael O'Brien »

I don't use an app. I build out every trip in Excel with the columns of information that I need and use. No app covers everything I want. Perhaps that is because most of our complex trips are cruises.

Joseph Stevens
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Re: Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#11 Post by Joseph Stevens »

I highly recommend trying out Tripsy. It allows you to view an overall itinerary with flights, hotels, dinner reservations etc. It also integrates everything into a map view so you can essentially get an idea of where everything is laid out. Plus you can share all of this with other users who can also adds points of interest and such. Only downside is I believe it is limited to iOS, which I typically find for me as I want this info on the go!


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Re: Favorite Travel Organizer App?

#12 Post by RaymondStone »

I've used Tripsy a few times, give it a shot.

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