Anyone accept/purchase a 'Pointy' device?

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Collin Dahl
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Anyone accept/purchase a 'Pointy' device?

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Apparently a startup company, Pointy, is targeting independent wine shops and liquor stores as one of their desired markets. I hadn't heard of them before they approached me.

As near as I can tell, they hook a device into your POS system and then, having learned your inventory items, get you into Google search results when people search for those items. It seems that the searcher needs to include a geographical location in their search string for best results.

Forbes did a short piece on them several months back, found here: ... le-retail/

They normally sell the device, but they are giving some out for free now, I suppose to boost the participation level a bit? The idea is mildly interesting to me. If I was bigger, or in a highly competitive market, I might wonder what they do with my sales and inventory information. (I wonder the same about sevenf1fty, which I generally like, and use.)

Anyone sign on yet?
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Randy Bowman
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Anyone accept/purchase a 'Pointy' device?

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I've been contacted by several companies offering this or similar services. Two things that shot it down with me is 1. A POS system that I would have to purchase, maintain and give access to to a third party.
2. Technically paying an employee a percentage of everything he/she sells plus a salary. The sales numbers would have to be extremely high to justify it, though it might be beneficial for large volume retailers until all large retailers have the system.
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