What Cigar or Pipe Are You Smoking?

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Jud Reis
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Re: What Cigar or Pipe Are You Smoking?

#301 Post by Jud Reis » January 16th, 2020, 10:12 am

Randy - don’t have a smoking room and not much fun to sit and shiver with a cigar in a NE winter. Keep posting - living vicariously through your posts.

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Randy Bowman
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Re: What Cigar or Pipe Are You Smoking?

#302 Post by Randy Bowman » January 17th, 2020, 4:26 pm

Today's pick, a 2016 God of Fire Serie B. Starts out smooth with leather and coffee notes. Burned uneven at first requiring some touch up. The first third was dominated by leather and coffee with hints of black fruit and a finish of pepper. Ash is dense and stayed on through the first third. The cigar is medium in strength. In the second third I no longer get fruit notes and some nuttiness is replacing the leather. Coffee notes remain as does a final note of pepper. Some leather notes return near the end. Not a complex array of flavors but I think the cigar was intended to be the same end to end. Pricey here in CA.
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