TNs: 2017 Brosseau Estate Chalone Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

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TNs: 2017 Brosseau Estate Chalone Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

#1 Post by Blake Brown » June 15th, 2019, 8:38 am

2017 BROSSEAU BROSSEAU VINEYARDS CHALONE PINOT NOIR- the first thing I noticed was the very near cork fill which reminded me of my friend, Burt Williams` intention to fill all of his wines to the cork; the next observation had to do with a heartfelt father to son message on the back label about the terrior of the vineyard ending in "it doesn't get much better than this"; I decanted the wine about 30 minutes prior to tasting using an aerating funnel and poured the wine into a Riedel Vinum Burgundy stem; the color was a youthful red purple with a red rim around it {not as in bricking}; the nose suggested super ripe wood spiced red cherry/ berry; on the palate, I got talc infused black raspberry, black cherry and blueberry fruit with some sweetness; the mouthfeel was smooth and velvety until just past mid palate when some stiff tannins came in and stayed for the duration; the finish also had more sweetness as well as some cranberry and red cherry.

Overall impressions: I liked the wine.  It was fruit forward at this early stage and I expect it to balance out in a few years.  The tannic structure suggests it has the stuffing to age and allow for the full wood and tannin integration and be ready in 5-7 years.


2017 BROSSEAU BROSSEAU VINEYARDS CHALONE CHARDONNAY- the bottle had a slight chill on it and poured into a Riedel Vinum Chardonnay stem; following the yellow slightly green color came aromatics of minerals and  golden kiwi; on the palate honeyed lemon lime first showed up and then came more of the mineral and golden kiwi notes along with a nice hit of  lemon oil; the texture was like lemon oil or cream; the finish was just long  enough to leave a lasting impression of all of the goodness before it with the honeyed lime most prominent.

Overall: I like this too.  I like the style, the balance and that it had just the right amount of perfume, tastes treats and texture to please all the way through.

Impressive wines with expectations for a bight future.  Both are good early on and have enough acidity to be around for awhile.

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