20% off Domaine Glennon WV Pinot Noir and Free Shipping

Since its inception, Wine Berserkers has championed the small producer in the wine industry, as well as other small businesses related to wine (gourmet foods, wine accessories, etc) and now our friends in the wine industry who own small businesses have been presented with a great burden during the mandatory closures of wineries and bars. In the spirit of Wine Berserkers, and the shadow of BerserkerDay, let's show our support and help our friends in this industry, supporting them with our business.

This forum will be open to all small businesses in the wine industry. Tentatively we'll close it in 2 weeks, but let's see how things go...
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20% off Domaine Glennon WV Pinot Noir and Free Shipping

#1 Post by Darin Kendrick » May 12th, 2020, 4:09 pm

Apologies for being late, Marcus tipped me off to this thread. For the next week we would like to offer 20% off our 2017 WV Pinot Noir (regularly $35) and free shipping to all Berserkers.

A little complicated but you will have to enter code "BERSERKER" for 20% off and "FSHIPPING" for free shipping (the F does not stand for free). We do have a 3 bottle minimum. The 20% will apply to all 2017 WV PN in your cart and the shipping will apply to the whole cart.

Marcus Goodfellow made a beauty of a WV and I am not great with words on our own wines so I pasted in a piece of Greg's review from Envoyer below.

"Simply put, this is a red Burgundy lovers Pinot Noir. This wine is one of the most incredibly elegant, balanced, and sophisticated young Pinot Noirs' I have ever tasted from Oregon. Aromas of red flowers, red berry, red cherry, spice, forest floor, and earth explode from the glass. The refined palate has a polish with every aspect in perfect harmony. I like to keep young wines open for several days to help me get an idea of the evolution, and quite frankly, this wine was drinking so well I thought for sure it would not be any better the next day. Well, I was surprised it was just as good day two and even better day three! A perfect example that well-balanced wines can age incredibly well if you can keep your hands off of it. A great bottle and highly recommended for all lovers of elegant and complex Pinot Noir."

WARNING - These bottles have wax!!! It is the good behaving wax, just punch right through. We are experimenting with no wax and no capsule per the WB poll results (and the hatred and cost of waxing these things by hand).



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