Drava Wines - Lodi CA offers

Since its inception, Wine Berserkers has championed the small producer in the wine industry, as well as other small businesses related to wine (gourmet foods, wine accessories, etc) and now our friends in the wine industry who own small businesses have been presented with a great burden during the mandatory closures of wineries and bars. In the spirit of Wine Berserkers, and the shadow of BerserkerDay, let's show our support and help our friends in this industry, supporting them with our business.

This forum will be open to all small businesses in the wine industry. Tentatively we'll close it in 2 weeks, but let's see how things go...
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Drava Wines - Lodi CA offers

#1 Post by Steve Carson » March 20th, 2020, 1:07 am

Hi folks. Drava Wines in Lodi is truly a small producer - a literal garagiste winery. I make about 5 tons per year, all Lodi appellation, hand harvested Certified Green wines. Not a glorified hobby winery - I'm a UCDavis Vit/Enol grad who has worked my way up and started my own winery, and I'm trying to make very interesting, well-made wines with some more obscure varietals (almost everything is grown in Lodi).

I have two offers: free shipping for 6+ bottle orders, or 20% off for pickup or delivery (free delivery) if you are near-ish to Lodi. I am very small so don't have e-commerce on my website but send an email and we can set things up. You can visit my site at www.dravawines.com to see what wines I have with some notes, but I'll write down here what's available:

2014: Pinot Gris (Oregon-style, bbl fermented, sur lies) and Petite Verdot
2015: Viognier, Mourvedre (Tablas Creek clone), Grenache, and our reserve blend called Maribor which is a GSM.
2017: Peloursin, Tempranillo, Sangiovese (Marmellata clone), Teroldego, Montepulciano

These wines are in the 25-75 case production range, only French oak (some are a bit oakier, some are neutral). I'll be happy to respond to any inquiries or discussion. Thanks!
Winemaker of Drava Wines. UCDavis 96 Vit & Enol

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