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Dan Hammer
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Re: NYC offlines

#51 Post by Dan Hammer » September 10th, 2018, 12:14 pm

Jay Miller wrote:
September 10th, 2018, 7:47 am
They recently raised their corkage from $15 to $20 but you might check out North Square. Their rack of lamb is a good general red wine dish.

La Sirene went downhill years ago. I wouldn't recommend it anymore though it used to be a favorite.
As is their filet mignon. North Square will provide stemware. They always have extra stems, so all you have to do is ask.
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Re: NYC offlines

#52 Post by ChristopherSK » September 10th, 2018, 4:45 pm

I saw Patroon in the list of possible places to move the offline dinners. I have enjoyed the meals that I have had at Patroon, on Fridays to take advantage of the byob. Some NYC restaurants, such as Patroon, may not be as busy on Fridays or Saturdays and would be happy to host wine dinners with little or no corkage fee if negotiated. Because Patroon has a LOT of space, they probably can host at a reasonable price. If dates move to Friday and Saturdays, or even Sundays, more "out of towners" such as myself are might be more likely to be able to attend.
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Sh@n A
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Re: NYC offlines

#53 Post by Sh@n A » September 10th, 2018, 5:15 pm

I think all-in cost will rise $125, which basically opens up any decently sized place willing to reduce a $/head corkage to $15 or so. Asking for a champagne flute to start, 3 red stems, and a 1 white stem if they have it. Self pouring/no glass cleaning.
Assumes most will decant/Slow O in advance

Fabio Cucina Italiana: Will charge reasonable $/head without needing to change dates
Il Corso: waiting to hear back
La Pecora Bianca: no adjustment to policy
Batard: Will flex corkage policy on Monday for $/head fee, but will not flex any other day
River Park: 6 bottle limit on Tuesdays; seeing if we can get a flex here. Will require shifting a date.
Racines: WB folks are fans, but waiting to figure out if one can work.
Copinette: Will let us do a la carte, seem to be the most flexible, and lowest price of what we discussed.
Patroons: Trying to accommodate us; normally a 3 bottle/table and 1/2 person limit. But on Fridays!
Kingsley: Corkage free Wednesdays; have yet to speak, but initial email was positive / then went silent.
North Square: Email out to them.

Where my scrambled head is at:
Barolo & Barbaresco - Will do 2x at Fabio Cucina, or 1x at Fabio and Il Corso if both are amenable. Fabio is close to original location.
Rhone - Likely Batard
Burgundy QPR - Peking Duck House (because now I am curious?) or Copinette; perhaps Kingsley
Burgundy 1er - Copinette
Burgundy GC - If Patroons will accommodate Fri, move this one to Friday... or stick with Copinette on Thu.. will let existing RVSP decide
Loire Valley Reds - why not add one more at River Park on a Tuesday (if they can accommodate)? [snort.gif]

Dinesh Goyal
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Re: NYC offlines

#54 Post by Dinesh Goyal » September 13th, 2018, 5:16 am

Hey guys

Moving from Sydney to Manhattan around End Oct and will love to do tasting/ dinner in Nov.

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