Aereserve Intro and Offer from ProWine Products

Warm up your credit cards and come on in, as here is where you will find all the BerserkerDay offers - open to EVERYONE who loves wine. Apologize to your spouse or significant other ahead of time. #BD10
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Aereserve Intro and Offer from ProWine Products

#1 Post by Geoff Daly » January 25th, 2019, 11:37 am

ProWine Products – Aereserve™

25 YEARS in 158 WORDS
littlewine systems™ are a late-career development by owners of OZem Corp (est. 1994) - dba ProWine Products. The past 16 years have been dedicated to producing large, multi-bottle commercial wine preservation and service equipment which, in 2008, included the industry’s first CO2-based, multi-bottle Champagne Preservation and Service system. We learned a lot from this development – enough to challenge 100 years of traditional industry assumptions including our own! In 2010 we began to build and test alternatives under what we called the little wine project - relative to the ongoing production of our legacy commercial systems. Through the next 4 years we built and tested many configurations in both personal and commercial use. It worked well! littlewine’s simple, yet-unprecedented method of gas-management was issued a US Patent in 2016. By that time we had fielded numerous inquiries about aeration, so we added an optional-use aerator. The new dual-function model became Aereserve. Additional background can be found at ... winestory/ and .

Aereserve is a joyful departure from any other preservation product you know or may have read about. It’s for those who just want to enjoy a good glass every evening without adding complications to relax-time. It’s wonderfully easy to live with - easier than pulling the cork out of the bottle & stuffing it back in every night. When one bottle is finished, in only seconds you can have the next one ready to go - minimal commotion and usable operating costs as low as 3-cents a bottle. Aereserve is gas-agnostic. Nitrogen, argon, CO2 all work. Our patented gas management strategy is like a lockpick that frees users from the chains of insanely expensive, proprietary gasses. Keeps it real - low-key, mellow, usable. If you need to flourish & comment on every sip, sorry, we’re just not going to be your guys.

The optional-use aerator is transformative and, we’ll freely admit, mysterious. Our lab toys for headspace gas & dissolved oxygen analysis can’t analyze individual preference or aeration’s effect on individual wines. It comes to a simple question: Do you like it better or not? We wouldn’t be at this point if the majority of tasters we’ve sampled hadn’t preferred the aeration. Amazon wouldn’t show over 1,000 hits on a search for wine aerator, and the market wouldn’t have pushed Coravin into just coming up with a $70 plug-on aerator if there wasn’t something to it. But what?

What, indeed! We are solid on the 4 basic tastes but less so on the fifth, ‘umami’. If umami is for real, we have a provisional working theory that aeration/decanting creates umami or brings umami-like character forward in wine – reds, anyway.

…and that gets this spiel current: We got to Wine Berserkers only a few weeks back while looking on the net for umami/wine scuttlebutt. Umami typed into the Berserkers search box returned: “Search found 1034 matches: umami. search.php?st=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&keywords=umami It’s a mix of both food and wine discussions, but a good start. Maybe we can figure something out together. (If unfamiliar, please read Tim Hanni’s interview ... i-mw-1.php for a good intro and Peter Klosse’s academic proposal ‘Umami in Wine’ for more.)

We hope as many as 10 active Berserkers might be interested in A limited BD10 discount offer for Aereserve A La Carte - sort of a plain brown wrapper mix/match dialogue to be able to configure Aereserve according to your individual preference. A reference menu for BD10 is below. If you are interested, you don’t need to know exactly what you are interested in! We’re going to talk through it together to get the configuration right for you. 616-738-5000 or 616-494-0100 (Eastern Time Zone) or

Below, prices highlighted in bold are our recommendations.

As a preview these prices add to between $128 and $143 for a solo Aereserve setup. 10 will be available to members at this price on a first come/first serve basis – phone or email.


PART ONE: The first and central component is the Aereserve “BottleHead”. These are the littlewine™ widgets we make in a couple different formats for commercial and consumer use. Aereserve models have the optional use aeration.

1. Solo - The essential Aereserve™ BottleHead for $70.00 – normally $99.00 – includes the optional-use aeration and needs a regulator from Part Two below - at added cost - for your gas and gas-format preference.

2. Multi-Bottle - For commercial/tasting-room use or back-of-house experimentation. The mirror-stainless, modular 4-Bottle SR4-S Speed Rail is offered at $400 - normally $490 and normally no aerating capability. For BD10, we can fit optional-use aerating BottleHeads on the SR4-S. This also needs Part Two to be configured with an appropriate regulator for your choice of gas and cylinder format, though many might already have this stuff.
(insert 2 captioned photos: Aereserve™ BottleHead and SR4-S)

PART TWO: Next, we need to match up a regulator for your gas preference. We don’t make regulators. This part may not be necessary for people with existing, pressure-regulated gas sources or anyone who would rather source independently. For aeration only, you could use a bicycle pump, but that’s not going to forestall oxidation spoilage. Again, we’ll talk through it, to see what works best for you. Here’s a picture.

3. We can provide a mini regulator for SodaStream Cylinders for $50.
4. We can provide a mini regulator for generic Paintball Cylinders for $35 or $50 – we have two types.
5. We can provide a mini regulator for 5/8-18 threaded nitrogen or argon cylinders (still lousy yield!) for $70
6. We can provide a low-Pressure ‘pancake’ regulator so you can make a branch from an existing regulated CO2 , beer-gas, nitrogen, argon or nitrogen-generator supply line (commercial, brewers, etc.) for $20.

Or you can also get a regulator separately – as in we don’t provide it, but these guys do: Just write ‘mini regulator’ in Amazon’s search box for a preview. The versatile Weekend Brewer’s $80 ‘Ultimate Regulator’ on Amazon ... 071ZNP5BS/ appears to connect to nearly any CO2 cylinder, while their $99 Nitrogen/Argon and CO2 regulator on Amazon ... 075MKR7K7/ would be a good pick if you have a stock of or prefer using small, disposable, cylinders. These regulators are produced by Noursun and are excellent products. Leland Ltd. also distributes a quality mini-regulator from Nippon Tansan Gas for NTG’s disposable cylinders fitting 5/8”-18 threading.
(insert gas configuration photo)

LAST PART: Gas. Like regulators, on an ordinary day, we don’t make gas either!

We’ll have figured out what gas you want to use by this point and where you can order it or go get it.

We like the little refillable mini-cylinders from SodaMod . That page puts them at $22.95. There are many options here (governed - to varying extent - by the regulator choice in part two). Refill costs will vary by locale. Normally 25-cents an ounce – less than a buck covers it. Dicks Sporting Goods fills the larger, 24OZ version of this cylinder for $5.00-$5.50. The 3OZ will serve over 50 bottles – bottle a week for a year. The 24OZ cylinder covers eight times more!

If you already use SodaStream or other home soda-maker, we'll just go with a regulator that fits it. The cylinders are awkward to stabilize on a counter, so you might want to secure it, but those tall cylinders will cover well over 200 bottles of wine.

Nitrogen/Argon disposables are close to the same size as SodaMod’s refillable CO2 but they are horribly low-yield, not refillable and sell in a $12/each price range. Unlike Coravin from which that sized cylinder (capsule) serve only 3 bottles, you’ll get 10-12 bottles in Aereserve. By contrast, CO2 disposables (also around 3 OZ contents) will cover ~ 50 bottles for ~ $13 each on Amazon ... 00X39EFII/ .

Choices – again just call – in 10 minutes we can figure out if Aereserve is good for you and the configuration that’s optimal for you.

Thanks for the read!

Geoff & Elle Daly
OZem Corp dba ProWine Products
ProWine Products

littlewine systems & Aereserve™ by ProWine Products

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Re: Aereserve Intro and Offer from ProWine Products

#2 Post by kevanmah » January 26th, 2019, 2:42 pm

I gave Geoff a call and am interested in grabbing one. He seemed really knowledgeable and I'm looking forward to giving this thing a try for my weeknight wine that might take me a couple of days to finish.

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