offering Dom. Arnoux-Lachaux-2018 & White Burgundy - Special to Berserker members

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William Gladstone
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offering Dom. Arnoux-Lachaux-2018 & White Burgundy - Special to Berserker members

#1 Post by William Gladstone » November 20th, 2020, 4:18 pm

We are a Direct Importer of the 2018 Domaine Arnoux - Lachaux full lineup of wines - .retail prices are insane.
And we would like to offer an opportunity to purchase at Front Line wholesale prices to the Berserker community.

As a Gift for all of the kindness of many Berserker members we have rec'd over the few years-
we would like to make this gesture.
If you look on the retail market - prices are quite high. All importers had to pay the 25% tariff,
and the winery would not accept payment when we received our pro-forma invoice.
That was too bad as the Euro was 1.10 to the U.S.D.,
I'm certain it was unintentional that when it reached 1.20 we were asked for payment.

The demand and excitement is quite high - so we can offer small selections because
I anticipate the demand will be quite strong.

As this will all be out of state - if we can ship to your state, we will not charge any state tax.

We will do our best to divide bottles as obviously there is limited quantities.

Sorry, but we will not reply through this platform or via wine berserker.

The shipment is scheduled to arrive in about 7 - 10 days to our warehouse.
If you are interested, simply send an email to
and tell her you'd like to see the list.
Please be patient, she will not respond over the weekend and we have an awful lot going on
with limited staff. Early in the week we will get lists out to you.

(Just to be safe - if you wish -feel free to cc me -

At this moment we imported every Cuvée - except the Aux Reignots.

Shipment was reefer door to door - we are hyper-sensitive to keeping constant temperature on the long journey.
I suspect (dealing in the abstract) that we will give preference to the folks who have developed a
relationship with us over the years as we sourced wine from Berserker members.

We also have imported far more 2018 White Burgundy,
We have All of the Colin Domaines, Yves Piere is already reserved to long standing clients,
However all of the other Colin's Domaine's are available,
Ramonet is also sold out.

We do have 400/btls of 7 different Cuvées from Marc Morey,
4/ Cuvées of Paul Pillot.

If you want to see the white Burgundy list let us know.

A Hui Ho
Best Thanksgiving for all

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