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Done - thanks

#1 Post by HoosJustinG » January 30th, 2020, 8:32 am

I'd like to thin out the 3 cases we have (though we've had a few), and looking to trade approximately 1 case, but open to work with slightly higher or lower quantity to make the right deal for the right wine.

I'd like to trade a bit of quantity for quality, so looking for fewer bottles in return of stuff that's generally priced higher. I'd ideally like something with a few more years of age on it than my 15's (2010, 2012, 2013), but open to discussion. I would like you to be the original owner of anything we trade. "Retail" price on a 2015 RP Reserve Cab is $120 and lowest price on W-S is 90 bucks, so basically that's the kind of value I'm looking to get in return--about 1100 in "street price."

I'm looking for things like: Dana Estates, Dalla Valle, Colgin, Schrader, Abreu, Bond, Eisele, Brand, Bryant, Hundred Acre, Insignia, Realm, etc ... you get the idea.

If some of the more allocated stuff is your jam - and who's kidding who: if you are the original owner of the stuff I listed, it is - I could maybe throw in a 2015 "Vow" or "Secret Garden" from RP as well to make a deal :).
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