Massive Niepoort Table Wine Offer

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Massive Niepoort Table Wine Offer

#1 Post by Tom K. » April 9th, 2019, 8:16 am

Huge Niepoort Offer

Table Wines - NOT Ports


These are some of the most respected and most sought after table wines from Portugal.  All of these wines are the brainchild of the mad scientist winemaker Dirk Niepoort.

GOOD LUCK finding all of these wines in another shop where you can mix and match this many of their wines in one purchase. This offer, much like these wines, was a true labor of love.  It has taken me 6 months to coordinate this access and get the wines in stock. This kind of offer is why I wanted to get into this business to begin with so that you can actually get the wines and get them all in one place.

To Order or See the Full Offer Click Here:

Douro Valley Red Wines
These are the most popular wines made by Dirk and his table wine team. Charme is a single vineyard that faces north and has cooler and more elegant nuances akin to a fine Nuits red Burgundy. For me, the Batuta, Redoma and Vertente wines put you in the Northern Rhone & Rioja, just with no new oak influence as purity of fruit and site transparency are the goal here.
Charme 2015 93+pts $79.99 (namesake comes from its essence of Burgundy character)
Batuta 2015 94-96pts $82.99
Redoma 2016 94-96pts $42.99
Vertente 2015 91pts $24.99
Turris 2013 97pts $159.99 (130+ year old vines, true vin terroir from a Douro single vineyard - I hate the term but this is THE unicorn wine of Portugal, only US in stock listing)

Bairrada Wines
Bairrada reds in general gets compared to Burgundy and Barolo/Barbaresco, while the whites remind me of Chablis or more elegant Meursault from Burgundy. The Poeirinho 2013 I had last year was the BEST wine I had while on that trip to Portugal....just stunningly pure and original, you just kno when you taste an epic wine.
Poeirinho Quinta do Baixo 2015 95pts $44.99
Bairrada Vinhas Velhas 2015 94+pts (white) $44.99
Lagar de Baixto 2015 ns $27.99

Douro Valley White Wines
The whites here go in two directions. The Reserva reminds me of a fine Beaune white Burgundy, 1er level for sure on the Reserva, there is wood influence but loads of freshness, complexity and length too. The Redoma Branco is its own thing, stripped down of make-up with just the fruit, acidity and terrori on display. A true Douro terroir wine. These both have well integrated med/med+ acidity, density, and nice focus in their intentions.
Redoma Reserva Branco 2016 94pts $44.99
Redoma Branco 2016 91pts $24.99

**NOTE - These wines are in stock with us, the other shop listing these Solano DOES NOT have them in stock and require bottle minimums so they can make it worth ordering the wines in. I have invested in these wines and if you have been on the bubble trying these, now is the time to jump in. This is the style that Dirk and Luis Seabra perfected while Luis' ten years at Niepoort - where do you think Luis' mastery of this style has come from. This offer has been 6 months in the making, I started seeking out these wines from the importer once I opened up shop.

On my first trip to Portugal, the wines of Niepoort were very high on my list to taste, drink and buy when I was there as they were SO difficult to find here back in the US. Most of the wines end up sold straight through to existing buyers OR to restaurants so it is not easy to see this much of the wines 1) Available to purchase 2) In this much variety and availability of the many different labels that are made by Niepoort.

I have visited both the Douro Valley Quinta where the table wines are made and the lodge in Porto where the Port wines are aged in cask and these were excellent visits.

While this may seem like a lot of wines in one offer, their site lists 35+ TABLE wines and I know the site is not listing everything, not to mention his 16+ "Projectos" table wines with famous producers in other regions and countries. And then there are the 30 or so Port wines they make.


Tom Kobylarz
Wine Solutions

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