Solving emergency - $7,900/cs for 2016 S.E.

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Solving emergency - $7,900/cs for 2016 S.E.

#1 Post by William Gladstone » April 4th, 2019, 4:12 pm

Dear Friends

2 different 'tricky' sources quoted us - $7,900 /cs for 10/cs of 2016 S.E.
and the other friend of his quoted 12/cs of S. E. for $8,000

We promised to a client, a very important intrntl client we would deliver- @ $8,300/cs

Now both sources see this an opportunity to squeeze us for a few hundred dollars more.
We do not do business that way and I'd prefer to walk away from doing business with these people.

if any Berserker member is still holding onto your cases of 2016, and this offer is appealing
we can pay $8,000/cs of 3/btls to take care of a good client.

please do not write to me on this site
please write to my email - I honestly get lost trying to carry on a conversation through this site.

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