Delicious & Singular Swiss Mountain Wines Made With the Help of a Gondola Lift? - Domaine de Beudon

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Delicious & Singular Swiss Mountain Wines Made With the Help of a Gondola Lift? - Domaine de Beudon

#1 Post by Tom K. » March 4th, 2019, 7:54 pm

Domaine de Beudon

High Elevation Swiss Mountain Wines

Certified Organic & Biodynamic

The vines at Domaine Beudon are perched on a small swell of land, reminiscent of a belly, or Beudon as it translates to, halfway up a sheer mountainside in the Valais region of Switzerland. The vineyard sites are up to a crazy 50 degrees of slope! If you ever want to visit this domaine, you better prepare for weeks with some high altitude hiking as the only way to get to the domaine is a 3-hour walk up a precarious trail with fixed ropes. If that is too arduous or you are lacking in time, you can take a small, rustic cable car (thus the gold cable car on the label).

The late Jacques (Jacky) Granges moved to the mountain site in the early 70’s. He was the first Swiss wine producer to fully convert to Biodynamics in the early 90s. It is said that Jacky Granges is simply one more great man whose genius has been dubbed crazy by those who do not understand him. There is no wood used on any of the wines. Vinification and aging take place in stainless steel and via indigenous yeasts. The reds are put in tanks which are brought down on cables for fermentation.
IMG_5208 small.jpg
2013 Gamay

My Tasting Note
Pure ruby in color. The nose is subtle, elegant and pure with notes of red berry fruits, red stone fruits, cool mint and garden herbs, and a fine line of minerality. Medium bodied, with med- tannin and med acidity this is a pleasure to drink. The extreme setting of these vines and the wine making make for a beautiful and unique expression of the Gamay grape.


$42.99 per 750ml bottle
$40.99 on 4 or more*
*mix & match both wines

Fendant (100% Chasselas) 2014

My Tasting Note
This is a deep and unique expression of the Chasselas grape. The first hint this is different is the golden core color of the wine. The nose reveals medium+ to pronounced intensity ripe fruits of lemon and orange citrus, lighter notes of pear and a hint of tropical in the way of pineapple. Persistent minerality, beeswax and white floral notes accent beautifully. A slightly nutty almond note fades in and out. The palate confirms the nose with a salty tang on the finish, amping up the complexity. This is deep and complex, with good richness and plenty of energizing and refreshing acidity. Not your usual Chasselas!

The "Fendant" appellation has been around for a long time. First introduced in Valais in 1850, it has been protected there since 1966. Since then, all Chasselas wines from Valais have been called Fendant, a name that no other winegrowing region has the right to use.

$38.99 per 750ml bottle
$36.99 on 4 or more
*mix & match both wines*

Tom Kobylarz
Wine Solutions

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