WTTF: Third Twin Graciano either vintage

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Jonathan Sirot
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WTTF: Third Twin Graciano either vintage

#1 Post by Jonathan Sirot » February 21st, 2019, 4:08 am

I know it may be a longshot whether someone wants to part with one btl of Third twin Graciano but obviously several board members have recently received these. Thought I was early enough on the list but was mistaken. I will not pay the auction price that is on winebid or higher but each to his own. I will however offer a very generous offer in trade.

Even though someone on a post said they doubted there would be much at retail due to miniscule production there already are a few. A retailer is offering them for $595. I dont usually make offers way above release value as I am on most of the lists. I will offer can some really nice choices from my collection. As the ws pro price at retail is $595 I will offer that value in wine for trade using same benchmark. So you are getting over double in value back and I am getting a wine that I might be waiting a few years for. Alternatively as a 2nd option if you wish to sell I will buy at a price between release and the secondary market. This is for personal consumption, and those who know me, will tell you probably opened at an offline, as it's a blast to share unusual wines with others.

Have some older SQN such a Poker face, Papa, Covert Fingers. Mr K, most of the Cali cults, as well as some excellent Bordeaux and Champagnes including 96 Krug 96 Dom 02 Salon a few high end Barolos, Masseto, Grange and plenty of other choices, just ask. PM if you can help. Thanks !

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