Seeking the new release of Screaming Eagle - 750 & Magnums

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William Gladstone
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Seeking the new release of Screaming Eagle - 750 & Magnums

#1 Post by William Gladstone » January 31st, 2019, 11:50 pm

With the Lunar New Year passing us by,
We are seeking to purchase aggressively the new vintage of Screaming Eagle.
We will pay the higher price you can find , and if you ask around, we make the transaction really easy.

Once we verify you are genuine we send payment and once you let us know you have the bottles, we send a Fedex label to attach to the box.

We tend to aim to work on 15 - 17% markup - so we can work on paying more than others in the market. The other businesses have higher over-head and work on 20 - 30% markup.

Ask around and you will hear good feedback about us. (A few people recently have become creative and asked if we would include some of the wines we import or represent at wholesale prices - why not?)

We do have a number of privates who have worked with us for 10 vintages and some for even 20 vintages.

Please do not write to us through this site because it is more difficult for us to track.
please write to me directly,
with details of what you have (located in Honolulu)
or (Located @ the East Coast office)

Thank you for the opportunity,


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