G.B. Burlotto: Current & Back Vintage Barolo +More

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G.B. Burlotto: Current & Back Vintage Barolo +More

#1 Post by Tom K. » January 25th, 2019, 12:45 pm

G.B. Burlotto

Going to the Source Pays Off
Fabio Allessandria of G.B. Burlotto
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This past October we had the esteemed privilege to visit with G.B. Burlotto to visit with Fabio and Cristina Allessandria, the brother and sister that now run the legendary Verduno based Barolo wine producer. Very kind, frank and forthright in his philosophy, Fabio was very open to talking about each wine and the details behind them as they can be difficult to find as they do not have a website with wine details. Burlotto wines are held in such high regard, it is almost like most people don't want to talk about it so as to keep the secret to themselves. But the secret is out, and these wines are very difficult to source and will only get harder.

After that amazing visit with Fabio and Cristina and a LOT of work and follows ups, I am very proud to offer the amazing wines of G.B. Burlotto in a wide swath of vintages and wines, including the rare Bianco and Rose, as well as a few vintages of the Barolos, most back vintage to boot! All of these wines are direct import 3 tier from the distributor that I personally arranged. I can offer 10% off a mix and match case of 12. I have 2014 Monvigliero available for those that buy at least 6 including the Monvigliero (and 5 from the below list) priced at $150 in a 6 and $130 in a 12 bottle case.

Mores, Pelaverga, Rose and White

The little red wines from Burlotto are perfectly enjoyable now or you can age them as well for 6-10+ years easy. The Mores and the Pelaverga are so good now, but do yourself a favor and stash some away for a few years and forget about them, you will be very happy you did. The rose and the white can go for a few years horizontal, but there is no need to do so unless you like a little bottle age.

Pelaverga 2017
Pelaverga 2016
$24.99 per bottle
The Pelaverga, a unique grape to the Verduno village, will instantly satiate anyone with a craving for a peppery, meaty, spicy and fresh red fruited Saint-Joseph or Crozes-Hermitage from the Rhone, with a body and texture of a Cru Beaujolais. It is only successfully grown here in Verduno and Burlotto makes maybe the best version of this rare wine.

Burlotto Mores 2015
$29.99 per bottle
While more common now, blends are rare in the Piemonte. This amazing blend of Barbera and Nebbiolo makes up the incredibly delicious and satisfying 'Mores'. This might be the wine I would reach for the most to have with anything from roast chicken, pasta with red sauce, to full on meat dishes as it hits most parts of the red wine pairing spectrum.

'Dives' Langhe Bianco 2016
$26.99 per bottle
The Bianco 'Dives' is not easy to find, made from Sauvignon Blanc in a cool, rich, and clean fruit style - more Sancerre here. The combination of 5 HL tank and French oak, with wine that sees some or no malolactic fermentation, the Dives strikes the right balance in a wine that retains freshness, cut and minerality.

'Elatis" Rose 2016
$19.99 per bottle
Then the rose 'Elatis' is made from 45% each Nebbiolo and Pelaverga, with the remainder Barbera, the nose shows berry fruits of red raspberries and strawberries, garden herbs, and violet florals. The palate has some structure with some noticeable super-fine tannin in the background and crisp acidity showing a black pepper and spicy character to go with the mineral finish.

Barolo Wines

Barolo 2012 - 91 Vinous
$59.99 per bottle
Barolo 2014 - 91 Vinous
$59.99 per bottle
The Barolo normale from Burlotto is entirely sourced from Verduno based vines and is mostly from the Breri Cru situated near the top Cru in Verduno: Monvigliero. In 2014 Acclivi was not made and thus there is Monvigliero fruit in the 2014 normale. I appreciate when winemakers do this to sustain higher quality levels with less wine over more wine and profits but the quality suffers.

Barolo Aclivi 2008 - 93 Vinous *
$79.99 per bottle
Barolo Aclivi 2010 - 93+ Vinous *
$84.99 per bottle
The Barolo Acclivi is a blend of the Cru vineyards that changes each vintage in proportions of the same vineyards, though some can be left out. Always Verduno, Always some Monvigliero, with crus Rocche Olmo, Breri, Neirane, and Bascato playing support roles. The 2010 is MOSTLY Monvigliero!

Barolo Cannubi 2013
97+ Vinous *
$189.99 per bottle
Barolo Cannubi 2011
92 Vinous *
$139.99 per bottle
The Barolo Cannubi is the Cru of all Cru's historically in Barolo-land. It is always the wine in the tastings of Burlotto that stands out the most as it is so different from its Verduno brethren. Tannic, firmly structured, distinct rose petal and bright red fruits that verge into slightly darker red. It's a huge vineyard and almost every important producer in Barolo has a piece of Cannubi. With that size, you get a lot of variation so it is important to know which sub-section of Cannubi the vines are located in. The Burlotto Cannubi is from a parcel in Valletta, which is a well-reputed east-facing site.

* Quantities are super limited so act fast!
Tom Kobylarz
Wine Solutions

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