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Killer Upper Prime Black Angus offer from Holy Grail

Posted: December 5th, 2018, 4:18 pm
by Cameron Hughes

Posted a deal the other day you might be interested in...

Not all Prime is created equal.

Holy Grail “Upper” Prime Black Angus is a USDA certified program but with additional qualifications that exclude well over 99% of the beef produced in the US. Hailing from one Midwest farm that grows all its own feedstuffs (including loads of good ‘ol non-GMO corn which just tastes better) this tight, pure Black Angus line of genetics is raised hormone and antibiotic free for about 40% longer than conventional cattle for tenderness and flavor development. This is the Holy Grail of USDA Prime beef. Gracing the menus of the nations top steakhouses, you’ll not find this beef at your local retailer.

Use coupon code PRIME299 at checkout to get our best prime angus deal of the year! 7 amazing steaks for $299, shipping included (its $375 in the checkout so make sure to use the coupon - basically we are throwing in a 24oz Porterhouse gratis).
2 x 13-15oz. Upper Prime Ribeye Steaks
2 x 13-15oz. Upper Prime Strip Steaks
2 x 7-8oz. Upper Prime Filet Mignons
1 x 24oz. Upper Prime Porterhouse