Help - Looking for Black Pork Substitute

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Andrew M
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Help - Looking for Black Pork Substitute

#1 Post by Andrew M »

Hey folks. A few weeks ago while in Portugal I had one of the meals of my life at a lovely restaurant in Évora named Cafe Alentejo. The dish, costing all of maybe $20, was their "Grilled black pork loin" (Lombinho de porco alentejano na grelha). As much as I love the occasional juicy seasoned pork chop at a red tablecloth Italian place (shout out Rizzo's in Crabtree, PA), I don't know how I can go back to that after this. It was life affirming. Tasted like the A5 Wagyu of pork except without the "melt like butter" texture and you can eat more than 2oz of it without getting sick. I took down the whole thing as it would've been a sin to waste any. It had this incredible richness and explosion of flavor with every bite, without being too much.

My understanding is that it's pretty localized, and that it might be similar but not identical to the pigs not-too-far across the border that produce Jamon Iberico (my other love in life). So it's probably impossible to find in the US. That said, any thoughts on what's the next best thing I can find online or have my local Richmond, VA butcher source? I was thinking Iberico Secreto, although I've had that before in the US and don't remember having the same reaction... But maybe it's all about being close to the source.

Thanks all!
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Sarah Kirschbaum
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Re: Help - Looking for Black Pork Substitute

#2 Post by Sarah Kirschbaum »

You could try looking for Mangalitsa (also called Mangalica, and a few other similar variations). This is a Hungarian breed (according to Wikipedia, a cross of Hungarian breeds with wild boar and another Serbian pig) with a fuzzy coat, that is now being raised all over the US. They are always, that I know of, free range. The meat is incredibly flavorful and the fat is copious, though not, as you say, quite as copious as with wagyu to which Mangalitsa is often compared. I see no point in lean cuts of pork. We get ours from Elizabeth Farms in PA. I believe they ship to VA.
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Jay Miller
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Re: Help - Looking for Black Pork Substitute

#3 Post by Jay Miller »

With the caveat that I haven't ordered them myself yet you might try ... -pork.html

Only sold frozen.
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alan weinberg
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Re: Help - Looking for Black Pork Substitute

#4 Post by alan weinberg »

I’ve ordered there.

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Eric Ifune
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Re: Help - Looking for Black Pork Substitute

#5 Post by Eric Ifune »

It's the same breed as the Jamon Iberico.
Might try Japanese Kurobuta. It is grown in the States.

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Matthew Brown
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Re: Help - Looking for Black Pork Substitute

#6 Post by Matthew Brown »

Can't give you help personally, but would recommend these two as probably the best potential contacts in Virginia
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