Excellent restaurant Ibiza Chappaqua NY

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Excellent restaurant Ibiza Chappaqua NY

#1 Post by Mark Golodetz » July 21st, 2019, 5:31 am

Westchester a county just north of NYC has quite a few decent restaurants, one stellar (Blue Hill) and a lot of dreck. Pretty surprising given this is a really affluent area with a million plus population. So glad to see another restaurant making a splash.

Ibiza is a Spanish restaurant that offers some extraordinary food, tapas and great desserts. Ignacio the owner is warm and lovable, and incredibly proud of what he has created. We put ourselves in his hands with both wine and food, and had one of the best meals I have had in some time.

What made the food particularly interesting was that he mixed textures, flavors and made unexpected pairings. When you are that adventurous, there is bound to be a couple of failures. The foie gras hazelnut lost texture and was overwhelmed by the hazelnuts. And the gazpacho had way too much sherry vinegar.

I am not sure why I am dwelling on problem dishes when there was so much to love. An excellent tuna and sesame starter, a simple white anchovy toast (we ordered a second) a small potent catfish fritter, molten with creamy fish. A paella with octopus was superb, but my favorite dish was the oxtail rice with scallops. Unexpected and amazing. Finally pork cheeks in a wine sauce was tender and homey and absolutely delicious.

The desserts were also special. The best, a creme brûlée flan was brilliant, and despite the fact we were stuffed, we kept reaching for more. The wines kept coming, all very good, and I am afraid I lost my notes, and forgotten what they were. Standouts were a 2015 Albariño and a 2004 Rioja.
I could agree with you, but then we both would be wrong.

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