Anyone really into drinking Tea?

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Re: Anyone really into drinking Tea?

#201 Post by K John Joseph » May 24th, 2019, 12:16 pm


I drink tea inconsistently but got into it for a while. I'd suggest getting a nice teapot that has a mesh filter. If you want something easy, get a mesh ball scooper and an electric kettle (about as fast as microwave, but can do multiple cups and adjust to appropriate temp). When she heard I was interested, my sister got me a big sampling of teas from Simpson & Vail. I honestly do not know where they fall on the quality spectrum of teas, but they have loose leaf tea (or bricks) by type and region. So if you're interested in trying a bunch of different teas, you can buy a dozen 1 oz packages without spending a ton of money. Good way to find out what you like and from where. They have dozens of loose leaf offers, with fair descriptions, from plots all over the world.

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Re: Anyone really into drinking Tea?

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