WINDY OAKS ESTATE 3-pack special, 97 pts—FREE SHIPPING!

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Jim Schultze
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WINDY OAKS ESTATE 3-pack special, 97 pts—FREE SHIPPING!

#1 Post by Jim Schultze » January 9th, 2017, 4:46 pm

2014 ‘Old Vine’ Pinot Noir, Chalone SPECIAL RELEASE 97 POINTS Prince of Pinot
• From oldest Chalone appellation blocks still in production – 1972 & 1973
• Lovely amber-tinged garnet, luminous and completely transparent; highly aromatic, showing pot-pourri, conifer and sandalwood plus a hint of barrel char
• Distinctive on the palate, redolent of macerated herbs, tangerine peel and red berries. Round, but lively and intense on the back palate and finish. An unusual juxtapositon of signals for maturity alongside youthful freshness
The Windy Oaks Chalone is stylistically unique, as Chalone Vineyard’s house style was (and remains) far richer and sturdier wine, with omnipresent tannins, although early editions in the 1970s were sometimes brighter. The Windy Oaks Chalone is light-footed, nuanced and elegant.
• Aged 23 months, 50% new French oak, only 48 cases

2013 Estate Pinot Noir, Diane’s Block, Santa Cruz Mountains
• Brilliant light-to-medium garnet; explosively aromatic, predominantly floral with a bit of black raspberry and hints of dried tangerine peel
• Bright and delicately structured but also precise and well-defined; very dry throughout
Elegant, savory and very slightly exotic
• Aged 17 months in first- and second-use French oak, 223 cases

2014 Estate Pinot Noir, 100% Wild Yeast, Santa Cruz Mountains
• Pale and very transparent garnet
• A super-aromatic first impression that signals frankincense, cypress, sandalwood and black pepper; then flavor-filled on the palate
• Blackberry, Italian prune plum, tangerine peel, barrel char and hard spice
• Opens with a very slight creaminess that gives way to noticeable grip on the long finish
• The Wild Yeast release appears to show vintage variation more than other Windy Oaks pinots, and 2014 seems the year for intensity, brawn and dark, serious, saturated flavors
• Aged 18 months, $40% new French oak, only 72 cases


Wine Berserkers price is $139 (actual full retail is $172). If you’re a Windy Oaks Wine Group member, simply email Judy (, and she’ll charge your account on file, and ship. If you’ve ordered previously, we most likely still have your info, so check with Judy before duplicating your efforts! If not a member, or you have not previously ordered from Windy Oaks (or your info has changed), email name, shipping address, phone number, and cc info (you may send in two emails if you prefer); or call Judy at 831.724.9562—if no answer, simply leave your name and number and Judy will get back to you—it’s a password-protected voicemail.
Jim Schultze
Windy Oaks Estate

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Todd F r e n c h
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WINDY OAKS ESTATE 3-pack special, 97 pts—FREE SHIPPING!

#2 Post by Todd F r e n c h » January 27th, 2017, 9:10 am

Folks, if you like Pinot (few don't, right?) GET THIS FREAKIN' WINE! For years one of the only 'clubs' I belonged to was Windy Oaks, and I bought a bunch of '07, '08, and '09 as a result of that club membership. The '07's are long gone (I had the least of those) but I'm polishing off the '08's and '09's over the last year or two and they are absolutely awesome. My father in law likes them so much he's warned me to wait until he visits (fortunately he visits 3 times a year) to open it, and I comply, as he is generous as well.

Seriously incredible stuff...but give it time!
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timmy roos
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WINDY OAKS ESTATE 3-pack special, 97 pts—FREE SHIPPING!

#3 Post by timmy roos » January 27th, 2017, 9:23 am

I will vouch for them. I try to stop in their tasting room every time we visit Carmel.
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Joe Webb
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WINDY OAKS ESTATE 3-pack special, 97 pts—FREE SHIPPING!

#4 Post by Joe Webb » January 27th, 2017, 10:18 am

Im in, need to restock.
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T. Altmayer
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WINDY OAKS ESTATE 3-pack special, 97 pts—FREE SHIPPING!

#5 Post by T. Altmayer » January 27th, 2017, 10:52 am

Easily one of the best producers of Pinot in California.

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WINDY OAKS ESTATE 3-pack special, 97 pts—FREE SHIPPING!

#6 Post by lauhill » January 27th, 2017, 5:33 pm

Did you get my email earlier in the day?

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Mont Stern
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WINDY OAKS ESTATE 3-pack special, 97 pts—FREE SHIPPING!

#7 Post by Mont Stern » January 29th, 2017, 12:25 pm

I took the endorsements to heart and ordered.


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