Unique smaller bottles wholesale?

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Jennifer Leslie
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Unique smaller bottles wholesale?

#1 Post by Jennifer Leslie » May 18th, 2020, 5:00 pm


I've been using MA Silva for my 750s and I'm looking for some alternative sizes/shapes for a project I'm working on. Any recommendations for something in the 187mL/6.3oz->375mL/12.7oz size? Could be mL or Fl OZ. I'd love any catalogs, companies, etc. I have come across a bunch of people online selling flint 187mL crown cap sparkling bottles and a slew of homebrewing beer websites, but looking for something with a variety of options and wholesaling. Looking for crown cap or cork finish (no screwcap unless it's a twist-on that doesn't require a screw cap bottling line). Can be a traditional wine bottle shape OR something unique (secretly looking for pony bottles... :D)

Thanks in advance!

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