OWC of all 1st Growth Bordeaux Almost Free - Taken - Thank you

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OWC of all 1st Growth Bordeaux Almost Free - Taken - Thank you

#1 Post by William Gladstone » January 17th, 2019, 4:21 pm

Please excuse my lack of sophistication if this is the wrong venue and advise me where I should post.

As an importer we have clients who have us purchase on their behalf 1st Growth Bordeaux,
and it is quite common that:;
  • These purchases of Ch. Margaux, Ch. Latour, Mouton Rothschild, His cousin Lafite, Cheval Blanc, Haut Brion - etc are from the finest vintages - 1982, ''1985, '89, 95, '96, 2000 and 2005
  • it is also common that these purchases are made either directly from the Chateau or from a negociant who states - "we have held these since release"
    • and again it is common that our clients around the U.S. have us import in styro-boxes and discard the OWC at the negociant in Bordeaux.
Please excuse me if this post turns out a mess in appearance as I am not technically savvy -
I know people do buy and sell these OWC, particularly the names and vintages I mentioned.
Starting in November we told some of the Chateaux or negociants to keep some of the of the OWC boxes just this past month including names like- Pontet Canet, etc..

We do not want to get into the business of selling the boxes,
so essentially they are almost free. I say almost because the boxes are in Bordeaux and I would have to have a staff member do all of the work to get them shrink wrapped on a pallet and brought in our next container. That would take a staff members time to organize on the French side and with you.

Which to me means whomever makes this easy to deal with we are happy to pass along something of value at our out-of-pocket costs.
I'm confident the chateaux and negociants did as careful a job as possible of removing the wines from the OWC.

So you would pay truck then boat shipping from Bordeaux to probably California and then a truck charge if you want us to ship from the port of entry (I think we generally go through Oakland although at time they do use Long Beach, CA.)
And then let's say $250.oo should cover all of our expense- loading and trucking in France, Customs Clearance Broker in the U.S. and my staff's time to organize with you, and with the several locations in Bordeaux.
Has to be more than 20, probably 30 or maybe 50 recent boxes. Again - all are 6 and 12/btl packs of 750 ml size.

Yes, when we meet the right person, we will generate a list when we are comfortable with the intended.
But, no we will not get into photos and we are an importer - we do not take credit cards..

I am very uncomfortable with the internal email system of Berserker, so if you are interested please write to me directly,
priority will be given to anyone we purchase their allocation from, or who has or will be offering their Screaming Eagle or Scarecrow allocation.
And for anyone who makes this easy....


Should this be on a different board?
Thanks for your time.

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