Tasting Room Stems

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Chris Freemott
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Tasting Room Stems

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As you know I sell Zalto and Gabriel Glas when time and opportunity present. But, I'm working on a deeper and stronger relationship with a new vendor, whose glasses I really like. Sopheinwald. Here is a link: http://www.sophienwald.com/en/

Their glasses are very "Zalto-esq" but with differences; they are a tad heavier (Burgundy is 3.75 ounces vs. Zalto's 3.5 ounces) and this is due to a slightly more robust stem which seems to stand up to more aggressive use in an tougher environment than a home would have. And, they can be a tad smaller, especially the Burgundian glass. I'm working on comparison photos but that will take a me a bit (a week).

And, they are less expensive. About 25% less at the wholesale level.

The Austrian manufacturing rep is in town in Napa/Sonoma this week.

Anyone looking to update/upgrade their tasting room stems and comfortable with a visit?

Additionally, though not with her, there is a tasting room glass which is along the same lines of a Reidel Restaurant stem. I've not used it so cannot comment on it, but some are on the way to me from Austria now. The price point on that glass is sub $10.00 in size (72 units+).

PM or email me if you would like to meet Ginger.


Gary Schulte
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Tasting Room Stems

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Chris - I will be interested to hear what your thoughts are on the tasting room stems. The web link you gave has very little on the individual glasses.

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M Hoose
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Tasting Room Stems

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So how'd it go?

CT: sbfireman

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