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Tasting Notes Podcast

#1 Post by ETurner » September 9th, 2020, 8:40 pm

Hey Everyone! I've recently launched a podcast where I (a relative wine newbie) sit down with a wine pro and do a tasting. In each episode we taste 3 different wines, selected by the guest, and we go deep into each bottle and I ask a lot of (sometimes stupid) questions. We cover everything from general characteristics of a grape, to specific tasting notes, to when we'd drink a wine and even get into pairing wines with albums.
I would love to ask the WB cru for a couple of things;
1. feedback on the content
2. solicit guests

Feedback: I'd love any feedback anyone on the forum has, I'm an adult no need to sugar coat it. I'll take it all constructively and will certainly consider it, assuming you're not a straight up prick about it. A couple areas I've thought about below, but again open to anything anyone has here.

I know that the recordings could be cleaner, but in an effort to keep cost down there's no sound editor, producer, engineer or any of the fancy stuff. If you've got any general recording tips for me that'd be awesome. I have absolutely not sound experience I am literally just recording a zoom call and trying to edit out long silences in garage band.

One thing I am really wondering is if the long form content is too long? EP3 is 2.5 hours on Riesling ffs. Does this stretch out too much? Would it be easier for you to consume if I break it into 3 or 4 mini episodes within a series? I go back and forth here because ultimately you can pause and play a podcast and most of us listen on the road etc but really interested if anyone has a specific POV here.

Guests: I am working to line up guests to record, whether that's wine makers, somms, distributors, vineyard whatever I just want to talk to people about wine. If you're interested you can shoot me a note eric@tastingnotespodcast.com or you can fill out the form on my site https://www.tastingnotespodcast.com/contact-me/ a

Thanks everyone!

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/t ... 1528433346
Eric Turner

Tasting Notes Podcast

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