Wine fridge and storing of wine

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Fredrik K
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Wine fridge and storing of wine

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I've always been a casual drinker of wine and never bought bottles to keep for more than a couple of years. For this purpose, a small inexpensive 20 bottle capacity wine fridge has served me well. A trip last year to Burgundy including some very nice tastings sparked my interest in buying more wine to keep and mature. I am mainly buying wine from Burgundy, mostly village reds and whites and some premier cru. So, I guess, as a rule of thumb, these bottles should be looking at somewhere between 3-8 years (and perhaps more, if I have the patience) of storage time.

I live in an apartment and don’t have the option of a proper cellar, so a wine fridge is the way to go. I'm mainly looking at something around 1000$ with 40-60 bottles capacity. I'm in Norway, so the selection of wine fridges might differ from the US and continental Europe. But it is a huge selection of different types and models. And with professional reviews few and far in between, it’s hard to know what separates one from another. But I found two manufactures (Temptech and mCuvee) that specializes in wine fridges and seems to be good quality for the money.

Anyway, what I'm a bit confused about is whether these mid-level wine fridges are fine for storing (and maturing) wine for 4-10 years? Or do I risk the wine maturing prematurely or going bad due to vibrations and temperature fluctuations? Can I keep buying wine, storing them in a wine fridge, and sleep well at night? Or do I need a proper cellar or something like a Eurocave to be safe?
Fredrik Karlsen

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Re: Wine fridge and storing of wine

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Welcome aboard Fredrik. I do not know the two brands you mentioned. They may not be distributed in the U.S. If they are, they are very low on the radar. Many of us have Eurocave wine cabinets. Whatever you buy, make sure it is a wine cabinet (not a cooler) that is designed for maturing wine. That is to say, it maintains the proper temperature and humidity for long-term storage. Wine coolers are typically for restaurants, bars, other places that have a high turnover of wine where humidity is not an issue. Eurocave's Professional line is a wine cooler for that sort of use. Most of the rest of their line is designed for long-term storage. They have charcoal filters which are integral to keeping the humidity in range.

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