Dry January - Take an inventory

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John O'
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Dry January - Take an inventory

#1 Post by John O' » January 12th, 2020, 9:27 am

Dry January turns out to be a great time to take my first inventory ever, after about 12 years of collecting. With nothing moving, it was easy to pick away at it. I have about 700 bottles and a boatload in and out over the years as we drink a lot of wine and I source a lot for friends and family. Had about 8 pick-up's and 60 write-off's. Surprised. As a former accountant, I thought I was pretty fastidious about updating CellarTracker. Most of the write-off's were whites, which for a time I kept in a separate room. Makes me think my now adult kids or someone else pinched some.
Feels really good to be sure what I have and exactly where they are.
O Sullivan

Sarah Kirschbaum
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Re: Dry January - Take an inventory

#2 Post by Sarah Kirschbaum » January 13th, 2020, 2:08 pm

I can't do inventory during a dry period - it makes me too sad! Every time I do inventory I find things I get excited about drinking. I try to forget the cellar is there during January. :)
Sort of ITB - my husband imports a small amount of sake and I help out

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