Starting a Wine Collection of Aged Wines

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Alexander Cook-Green
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Starting a Wine Collection of Aged Wines

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Hey, Everyone:

Wine newbie here who would appreciate some advice on starting a wine collection consisting of aged/aging wines. I have a real (burgeoning) passion for aged red burgundies, such as Pommards from Dom de Courcel; champagne, such as from Salmon Billecart; and Spanish reds, such as R. Lopez de Heredia's bosconia and tondonia. Any advice on:

(1) Reputable online sources for purchasing aged bottles, or bottles that would benefit from aging?
(2) Any recommended bottles and/or producers for long-term aging (i.e., 20+ years)?
(3) Any regions in particular that I should focus on?

Any other general advice is appreciated.

Thank you!

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Ian Sutton
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Re: Starting a Wine Collection of Aged Wines

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Hi Alexander
Sorry no-one has responded yet.

1) Others can be more specific, but your choice will be between stores specialising in older wines, or auction houses. The latter more of a 'buyer beware' situation, but I'd expect it to be cheaper if you price up diligently and are disciplined in not bidding over the max price you'd committed to pay.

2) There will be good recommendations here, but I reckon starting a thread in the main forum for Red Burgs, one for Champagne and one for Rioja might get you some good suggestions. Always worth saying if there are price constraints, as a few people here seem to think Roumier every day is normal [wink.gif]

3) Focus on what takes your fancy, and don't be afraid to taste something young and wonder "What might that taste like when it's mature?"

Normal for Norfolk

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