Anyone else did the WSET level 3 award in sake?

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Arjan Stavast
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Anyone else did the WSET level 3 award in sake?

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I recently figured I wanted to learn a bit more about sake and by pure chance there was a spot available in a WSET level 3 award in sake. This was probably one of the most intense learning experiences of my life as I started out with pretty much no knowledge whatsoever.

We tasted about 50 sakes over 4 days across the entire sensory spectrum. Theory was as detailed as the WSET 3 certificate in wine I did a few years back. Exam was pretty tough with 2 blind tasted sakes, 50 multiple choice and several essay questions. I should know in a few weeks whether I passed but apparently the success rates are low with theory being the big stumbling block.

For me the biggest learning was how intricate and beautiful sake can be. We tasted some amazing stuff and I’ve happily opened a variety of bottles after coming home. In fact, I barely drank any wine since 😲

I was wondering whether anyone else on this board did this and what their long term perspective on it is? Did you do anything with it professionally?
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Kelly Walker
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Re: Anyone else did the WSET level 3 award in sake?

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I have not but one of my best friends has 4 Japanese restaurants and a very strong sake program. His beverage director is in the process and she says it is very intense. Best of luck. I too have been sucked into the lovely black hole of sake appreciation. My wife has also gotten the sake bug but her tastes are painfully expensive.
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