Dudognon Cognac "Vieille Reserve"

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Dudognon Cognac "Vieille Reserve"

#1 Post by Paul H Galli » April 29th, 2019, 9:42 pm

Dudognon Cognac "Vieille Reserve" - $89.00
Been looking for an upgrade at the <$100 price point (My current fave being Delamain Pale & Dry)
Since I had great success with their 40 yr old "Heritage" bottling, I decided to stick with Dudognon.
The Vieille Reserve is their 20 yr old product so is similar in age to the Delamain.
Gorgeous, golden brown color.
Fab exotic, nose of caramel, lemon, wintergreen and oak.
Delicious. A grapey, spicy, peppery, elegant mouthful of yumminess with a long, dry, rancio'd aftertaste.
A lighter version of the Heritage punching WAY above it's weight class!
My new <$100 favorite!
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For those who haven't tried this world class producer, I STRONGLY urge you to familiarize yourself with their unique style of not using ANY type of additive. So pure, clean and delicioso!
Opinot, not Oporto...

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