OPA Hays - Purple Haze

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OPA Hays - Purple Haze

#1 Post by Ian Sutton » April 7th, 2018, 11:33 am

Local brewery OPA Hays, do like doing their own thing, and so their stall at the local farmer's market is always worth a look to see what the latest small batch beer is.

This one sounded so unusual I had to try it. Beetroot beer.

It's red-purple colour with a light pink head, the colour hinting he'd not skimped on the beetroot. The nose confirms this with earthy beetroot to the fore, but behind this is something a little less savoury and more reminiscent of beer. On the palate again, the savoury earthy beetroot leads, and letting it sit on the tongue, that aroma comes through very accurately. There is better balance of flavours on the palate though with a necessary touch of sweetness that almost balances the dry earthiness of the beetroot.

Glad he made this, and that I tried it. If he tweaks the recipe, or perhaps tries a cherry & beetroot alternative, then I reckon I'd try again. A fun idea, that didn't come off (for me).
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OPA Hays - Purple Haze

#2 Post by EHeffner » April 11th, 2018, 2:59 pm

I’ve had a sour beer made with beets, made by JWakefield. Earthy sour goodness
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