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Michael Martin
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Colorado Brewpubs

#1 Post by Michael Martin » July 24th, 2017, 7:36 pm

Some say we are the Sonoma/Napa of craft beer. So, my thoughts:
BierWerks Woodland Park, great German style. Alt, Hefeweizen, Manitou Springs Pale Ale.
Jagged Mountain, Denver, crazy good, all over the board. Cougar Slayer Blackberry Saison is my favorite. Lots of selections over 10% alc. Yikes.
Living the Dream. Littleton. Double IPA Hop Eating Grin and Hellava Caucasian Stout are the best.
Bierstadt, Denver RINO, crisp German Style Pilsner that is supreme.
Elevation, Pagosa Springs. Lots of good stuff.
Great Divide, Denver, RINO, classic. One of the first. Collette is a great Saison.

Prost, bad German beer
Grist, lots of barrel aged...stuff
Resolute, meh
Blue Spruce. Not worth the trip.
Lone Tree Brewing. No.

Feel free to add your experiences.

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Scott Tallman
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Colorado Brewpubs

#2 Post by Scott Tallman » July 24th, 2017, 8:58 pm

I've enjoyed everything I've tried from Crooked Stave. Had a great time during my single visit to their taproom.
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Colorado Brewpubs

#3 Post by BRhoades » July 26th, 2017, 5:34 pm

Scott Tallman wrote:I've enjoyed everything I've tried from Crooked Stave. Had a great time during my single visit to their taproom.
Ditto, two dear friends that started their careers at Beachwood left to go to CS a few years ago and keep me in great stuff.


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John Draper
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Colorado Brewpubs

#4 Post by John Draper » August 2nd, 2017, 2:45 pm

to echo and add to Michael's thoughts. Great Divide is exceptional, almost a Colorado First Growth or Premier Cru along with Odell's (Ft. Collins)
Cerebral Brewing just off the 'Fax is doing great things; nice brown ale, usually a good Saison and their Tandem Jetpack DIPA is exceptional IMHO
Crooked Stave, as noted, is always solid, they are soon to be releasing a couple of non sour ales, will be curious to try them.
TRVE Brewing on Broadway/Baker neighborhood is doing good thing with Belgian style ales along with a vigorous barrel aging program. interesting vibe as there is almost always Scandinavian death metal playing but the beers are legit.
Ratio Beerworks in Rino, their Dear You French Saison is a favorite
Odd 13 in Lafayette, a little bit of a haul from Denver but they were kind of the pioneers of the hazy New England IPA movement in Colorado. Codename SuperFan and Noob are delicious
Comrade Brewing C- location, strip mall on East Iliff, A level beers. Superpower IPA, Grapefruit Superpower, Quit Stalin stouts and an impressive barrel aging program as well.

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Mel Hill
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Colorado Brewpubs

#5 Post by Mel Hill » August 2nd, 2017, 4:12 pm

Resolute's session IPA is darn good for a 4% beer
We ride our bikes to Comrade all the time &
Lost Highway just moved into our neighborhood but the beers I've had so far sucked. Too bad as it is walkable!
Hoping that once they get their brewery finished the beers will improve.

Station 26 (very close to 70 on the way to the airport) is
A fun place and Juicy Banger is delicious.
Looking forward to trying living the dream.

Have not been to Hogshead but have enjoyed their cask conditioned beers at Falling Rock Taphouse

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