Google translate fail

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Google translate fail

#1 Post by justinmcinerny » October 5th, 2016, 6:13 pm

This might belong in the funnies section, I will let the mod(s) decide. The following is word for word from the English version of a producer's website. These ersatz translations happen all of the time, this one strikes me as particularly amusing but there are countless others. No need to embarrass anyone so I won't name the producer or provide a link.

"Pinot Black is a black grape with white juice, which is a variety that has very complex flavors. Pinot Black appreciate well-drained limestone hills. It has a natural tendency to produce poorly colored wines while at the same time it is the richest in polyphenols (cardio-protective molecule) grape. It is a grape that ripens early and is even better than it used to low returns."
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