TN: 1996 Laurent Serie Rare (3/27/04)

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TN: 1996 Laurent Serie Rare (3/27/04)

#1 Post by Jeff Pf0h1 » February 2nd, 2009, 3:32 am

March 27, 2004
1996 Laurent Serie Rare Red Burgundies
served in flights of 2 in the order listed below. Tasted out of Riedel
Sommelier Burgundy glasses.

Nuits St. Georges:

1. Les St. Julien
nose: dark fruits, light vanilla
palate: medium body, cherry fruit, light chocolate, light
vanilla, lightly tart
Score: B+

2. Les Charmottes
nose: light leafy, tart cherry, light asparagus, asparagus
grows in the glass over time
palate: medium body, forest floor, leafy, lightly tart
Score: C (OTH??)

3. Les Corvees-Pagets 1er
nose: very light oak, light char
palate: light-medium body, light veggie, light leafy, smoky,
light char
Score: D

4. Les Porets St.Georges 1er
nose: maple syrup candy (no I'm not kidding, others got it too) A nice nose actually.
palate: medium body, lightly reduced fruit, dark fruits, light smoke, light leafy
score: C

5. Les St. Georges 1er
nose: light fecal, earthy, light chocolate
palate: tart cherries and smoke
score: B-

6. Les Cailles 1er
nose: dark earth, very light brett
palate: full body, earthy, light smoke, dark fruits
score: B+

Morey St. Denis:

7. Les Pierres Virants
nose: nice earthy character, very very light oak
palate: leafy, light earth, smoke, light char
score: B-

8. Morey St. Denis
nose: dark cherry, milk chocolate, tree bark
palate: leafy, chocolate, light vanilla, smoke, bitter
score: C

9. Les Monts-Luisants 1er
nose: sweet nose
palate: medium body, smoke, char, dark fruit, vanilla, char, burnt, astringent
Score: C

10. Les Millandes 1er
palate: chocolate, dark cherries, light leafy, light oak, vanilla, light stemmy
score: B+

11. Clos Sorbets 1er
nose: fresh strawberry, vanilla, milk chocolate
palate: milk chocolate, strawberry, very light leafy
score: A-

12. Clos de la Roche Grand Cru
nose: spicy, cherry, strawberry, light oak
palate: medium tree bark, dark fruit, spice, very very light earth, good balance
score: A-

Commentary: none of these wines impressed me. I'm thinking the scores for 11 and 12, and maybe 10 are a touch high but they were just much better than the predeeding wines so maybe that explains the scores in retrospect. I'm not the most knowledgeable burg fan around, but I know a little. And I trust my palate and the palates of some of my fellow tasters. Some were very critial and may post notes, others were less critical. I fell nearer to the more critical but not the most critical.

One of my big problems is I cannot put together a consistent story. The Les Charmottes NSG seemed almost over the hill. Color was fading, flavor profile seemed wrong. The 1er crus mostly showed charred oak and very little fruit. Now I tried to argue they were closed but the Clos de La Roche should have been VERY closed if the 1ers were closed. But the Clos de La Roche had good oak, nice balance, good fruit, no char, no smoke. So this leads me to conclude that none of them were closed and the oak treatment, very toasty barrels, just overwhelmed the fruit in most of the wines. I don't mind oak, I'm not an oak-a-phobe. But this was astringent oak at times, charred most of the time. Just "low quality" oak comapred to the fruit. So the wines, to my palate, were not only under fruited, but poorly oaked. I'd only consider drinking the Les Millandes 1er, the Clos Sorbets 1er and the Clos de La Roche but I'm not sure I'd seek them out.

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