TN: MarkusAltenburger Chard Burgenland '18....(short/boring)

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TN: MarkusAltenburger Chard Burgenland '18....(short/boring)

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Don't see much Chard from Burgenland, so tried last night:
1. MarkusAltenburg Chard vom Kalk DryRedWine (12.5%; SchatziWines/Milan/NY; Leithaberg/Burgenland 2018: color; lightly fragrant melony/lemony/Chard slight earthy/chalky rather low-key/quiet nose; fairly tart/tangy very quiet melony/Chard/lemony some earthy/chalky flavor; med.short light Chard/melony/earthy/chalky very quiet finish; a natrural wine but no natty character. In fact, almost no character whatsoever. This is how CharlesShaw would make Chard in Burgenland if they could; a very quiet/undistinguished Chard that speaks nothing of Burgenland and almost nothing of Chard; pretty vacuous. $18.50 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I did a double-take when I looked at the importer's label on the back and it said "DryRedWine". Obviously a typo.
Schatzi is an importer that specializes in natural wines, primarily. I'm usually a bit hesitant about buying their wines. But Chard from Burgenland is pretty rare, so I gave it a shot. The Altenburg WebSite places him square in the natural wine camp, though he doesn't advertise that fact. This natural wine was perfectly clean, if rather unthrilling, and showed, fortunately, any natty character whatsoever.

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