TN: Carlisle Zin RossiRanch '18...(short/boring)

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TN: Carlisle Zin RossiRanch '18...(short/boring)

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Delving further into my recent Carlisle arrivals, I tried last night:
1. Carlisle Zin RossiRanch SonomaVlly/SonomaCnty (14.9%; Plntd: 1910; + PetiteSirah/AlicanteBouschet/GrandNoir; 295 cs; 17% new Fr.oak; Pharmed: PhilCoturri; U/U) 2018: Med.color; strong blackberry/raspberry/Zin/slight SV peppery/rather spicy some toasty/oak fairly dusty/OV some earthy/rustic some old-timey SV Zin bit complex fairly attractive nose; lightly tart/tangy strong raspberry/blackberry/Zin/some spicy fairly earthy/dusty/OV some toasty/oak rather rustic/old-timey Zin flavor w/ light rough tannins; very long some tart/tangy strong raspberry/blackberry/Zin/spicy some earthy/dusty/OV light toasty/oak rather old-timey/sauvage finish w/ light coarse tannins; rather atypical of a Carlisle Zin & more of a rustic/rough/old-timey Zin; interesting Zin. $39.50
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. As I recall, RossiRanch has a very special place in Mike's heart as this was the source of his first Zin as a home winemaker. This lacks the intensity & polish of Mike's other Zin & is a sorta rustic/old-timey Zin. Reminds me some of the old GusSebastiani Zins but w/ much more intensity. A glimpse of what Calif used to do w/ Zin.

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