TN: A White & A Red @ DinDin....(short/boring)

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TN: A White & A Red @ DinDin....(short/boring)

#1 Post by TomHill »

Shared these two last night w/ Susan:
1. Forlorn-Hope Que Saudade Verdelho Calif (12.78%; 367 cs; Estate/Calaveras + DeWitt/Amador + VistaLane/Lodi; 12 mo. in neutral 500 litre puncheons + SS) Murphys 2014: Med.dark gold color; very strong very fragrant floral/dandelions bit mango/pineapple/spicy almost R-like beautiful bit complex nose; lightly tart very floral/dandelions/carnations lightly mineral/chalky fairly rich almost Vermentino-like bit complex lovely flavor; very long/lingering lightly tart quite floral/carnations/dandelions/spicy light mineral/chalky lovely finish; reminds more of Liguria Pigato or Piemonte Favorita; one of the best F-H whites I can recall; should go another 4-8 yrs I would guess. $26.00
2. LaBoutanch Rouge VdF (Grenache/Syrah or Cinsault from Brezeme; SelectionMassale/Oakland; 11%-14%) MartinTexier NV: Very dark color; very strong blackberry/boysenberry/black cherry/Syrah/Grenache bit licorice/earthy rather intense fruity nose; soft rich/lush intense ripe/grapey/boysenberry/blackberry/Syrah big fruit clean flavor w/ light ripe tannins; very long soft very ripe/lush/fruity strong blackberry/boysenberry/black cherry slight earthy finish w/ light soft tannins; a ripe/lush very drinkable glou/glou Syrah; this is how they would make Paso Syrah in the Rhone if they could. $21.00/litre (BG)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Boutanch: This is a line of "natural" wines made by a variety of different producers in cooperation w/ SelectionMassale. This wine is a bit of a mystery. One source identifies it as a blend of Syrah/Grenache. Another as a blend of Grenache/Cinsault. Another as a Grenache/Syrah/Cinsault blend. To me it spoke mostly of very ripe Syrah w/ Grenache. One source even identifies MartinTexier as a producer in the Loire. His father is, of course, the famous Rhone producer, Eric Texier. With whom I have great affinity since we're both Nuclear Engineers.
But I was really quite taken by this wine. In particular, it is a "natural" wine but absolutely clean, no natty character whatsover, and eminently drinkable. Probably not going to go anywhere, though.

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