Important new changes on the 'memberships', new system, etc

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Important new changes on the 'memberships', new system, etc

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After months of research, I've finally installed a new system that allows those who choose one of our 'membership' options (Grand Cru Crü, Monopole Crü, BerserkerBusiness) to SEE their membership, when it expires, auto-renew, and upgrade, all integrated within the forum, via your User Control Panel.

No longer will it be a manual process, which often ended with frustration with those who expected it to be instant, as if I was traveling or unavailable, there was a delay in setting up the accounts properly. I modeled this after CellarTracker's system, and thanks to Eric and Dan for their invaluable input.

In going through the many years of data, I found that the manual process was not accurate, because I suck, apparently. Over 150 of you were grandfathered into GCC status without voluntary payment, for up to 10 years. Oops! Some will find that their accounts no longer have GCC status as a result, even though they've enjoyed it for years and years for free (my bad! your benefit!). To remedy this, just go to your member account:

Access your membership account (including those who have no paid memberships, just the free accounts, like 95% of the registered users) on the upper right of the screen, with the dropdown at your username, you'll see 'My Memberships', like this:



Grand Cru Crü: The price of GCC has remained the same for a decade or so, and I'm raising it slightly to $35/year (minimum - you can enter your own number, as some do)

Monopole Crü: Remains the same

BerserkerBusiness: With feedback received from various BerserkerDays, and other members, including BerserkerBusiness, this amount has been raised to $250/year. We have very few who use this, but those who do find great value in it, for commerce on the site, and particularly when nearly selling out on Preview Day (BerserkerDay). Additionally, it now includes a 'no ads' experience :)

Please feel free to ask questions via PM, as I anticipate that a huge data dump like this, even though I've had several people parsing the database multiple times (including myself), is likely to result in errors.

Again, I thank you ALL for your support of our amazing wine community - YOUR wine community - and look forward to the many more improvements and new ideas that are in the works for all Berserkers.


P.S. Yes, there were/are a few errors and bumps, after uploading nearly 40,000 profiles from a database, so if your account is not showing correctly, please reach out via PM and I'll get it taken care of
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