TN: 2016 Fogline Vineyards Zinfandel Rocky Ridge Vineyard

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TN: 2016 Fogline Vineyards Zinfandel Rocky Ridge Vineyard

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  • 2016 Fogline Vineyards Zinfandel Rocky Ridge Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Rockpile (2/19/2021)
    Excellent wine. Super opaque in the glass with weight. Needs some air time, 2 - 3 hours. Lush nose, dark red fruits, bramble-y greens, vanilla sugar wafers underneath, slight cedar. Palate is big, potent raspberry and I get Brig's pomegranate notes, nice tart mouthfeel. Medium acidity and tannin back seat to the fruit. Lengthy finish. Its not a timid wine, not chewy, maybe a brooding elegance, everything plays nice together. Well enjoyed and has some runway if you want to lay it down but why wait. Nice work Evan.
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Evan Pontoriero
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Re: TN: 2016 Fogline Vineyards Zinfandel Rocky Ridge Vineyard

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Thanks Rich.

We were excited to be able to get into Rocky Ridge and make some wine from there. Chris Mauritson does a phenominal job getting us excellent fruit to work with. It surely has a specific flavor profile compared to a lot of other Rockpile and Northern Dry Creek wines. I had tried several Biale Rocky Ridge and Bella wines in the past and when he came in to offer fruit, we (Brent and I) nearly bit his hand off. To give more information than needed, even though I came from Zinfandel in my drinking history, I make wines in the PN methodology, taking after my training through friends at WS. AFA runway, the structure is really important to me for balance and longevity. I hope that the Zins we make will be enjoyed decades later. I have talked to Barry Lawrence(one of the original Sonoma Coast backers) as we get Syrah from his vineyard, and he is drinking 70s zins now that are wonderful. One can hope.
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