TN: A White & Two Reds for DinDin....(short/boring)

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TN: A White & Two Reds for DinDin....(short/boring)

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We had these three last night w/ DinDin:
1. Dom.Carrel Jongieux AC: Vin de Savoie (11.5%; VintageImprts/Denver;; Jacquere grape) Eugene et Paulette Carrel/Jongieux 2019: Pale yellow color; rather fragrant Alpine white flowers/floral/carnations/apples some mineral/chalky/apples quite pretty nose; very tart/tangy rather mineral/stony/chalky/metallic rather lean/austere very light floral/Alpine white flowers/carnations/apple blossom light bodied almost eviscerated flavor; med.long tart/acidic/tangy/metallic/steely very light floral/Alpine whites/appley finish; a quite pretty Alpine white nose but quite mineral/metallic bordering on eviscerated/vapid on the palate w/ little fruit; disappointing for a Jacquere; not really worth the price. $13.00 (AV)
2. Bichi Listan Tellez & Luyt RW (LlauradorWines/Fairfax/CA;; 12.5%; U; Mission grape) Tecate/Baja Calif/Mexico 2016: Light garnet bit orange/brown color; light grapey/Mission fairly earthy/dusty some funky/natty bit bland nose; soft very sour quite funky/natty/mousey/hantavirus very unclean dreadful flavor w/ light sour tannins; long very unclean/natty/mousey/stale mouse pee/hantavirus very sour earthy dreadful finish w/ a foul wet dog fur flavor that wells up in the aftertaste; an absolutelu undrinkable/sour red.
3. Birichino PinotNoir St.Georges CantralCoast (13.0%; Alex Krause & John Locke/Birichino/Salinas 2018: Med.light color; rather pretty PN/cherry/rose petal some earthy/rustic/Burgundian very light pencilly/oak fairly aromatic pleasant nose; fairly tart/tangy/bit sour light cherry/PN/rose petal very light pencilly/oak fairly earthy/rustic rather light-weight flavor w/ light tangy tannins; med.long tart/tangy/sour lightweight light PN/cherry/rose petal/floral fairly earthy/dusty/rustic finish w/ light tannins; a rather earthy/rustic/lightweight PN; an interesting expression of Calif PN in a Burgundian village wine sense that doesn't do much for me. $25.50 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Bichi: This is a natural wine producer in Baja that shows all the bad aspects of natural wines. I had that wine about 2 yrs ago & found it so bad that Mark gave me a replacement btl. Time has not brought about any miracle transformation of this wine. Still dreadful & undrinkable. The kind of wine that gives "natural" a bad name. The Monktown attourney was right.
2. Birichino: This is the operation of John Locke & Alex Krause; two alumni of RandallGrahm/BonnyDoon. The recent Wine&Spirits magazine, in its extensive reviews of Calif Rhones, gave some glowing writeups on the Birichino Rhones. Alas, this was the only Birichino red that Kokomans had. It was interesting, but just that.

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