TN: Two Whites & A Red....(short/boring)

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TN: Two Whites & A Red....(short/boring)

#1 Post by TomHill »

Tried these threee last night w/ DinDin:
1. MaisonPhilippe Viallet SavoieBlanc Ad'OP: Vin de Savoie (11.5%; Jacquere + Chasselas/Chard/Altesse;; T.ElentenyImprts) 2018: color; fairly minerally/chalky/bit perfumed talc quite fragrant floral/Alpine white flowers/edelweiss slight apple/pear lovely Alpine nose; quite tart/tangy fairly mineral/chalky bright/crisp/nervy strong Alpine white flowers/floral flavor; very long/lingering quite tart crisp/bright mineral/chalky quite Alpine white flowers bit complex finish; a clean/crisp/nervy/minerally taut/laser sharp white redolant of Alpine white flowers; one of the best Jacqueres I've had; great price at $18.00 (AV)
2. Desconcierto Albarino Dd'O: RiasBaixas (13%;; WineBridgeImports/Davis/CA) AntonioGalinanes/CambadosUrbanWnry/Cambados/Espana 2019: Light gold color; quite fragrant Albarino/floral/carnations bit spicy/rosemary some chalky/perfumed talc quite attractive nose; fairly tart/tangy/bit steely fairly strong floral/Albarino/carnations light chalky/stony fairly rich/lush/full-bodied attractive clean/brisk flavor; very long brisk/tart/tangy/bit steely some floral/Albarino/carnations some stony/chalky finish; a very attractive 4-square Albarino w/ nice balance of Albarino fruit & stony minerality. $29.00 (AV)
3. Kante Terrano IGT: VeneziaGiulia (12%; KermitLynchImprts) Az.Agr. Kante/DuinoAurisina 2015: Very dark/near black color; strong blackberry/boysenberry/Terrano/bit licorice/pungent slight peppery some earthy/dusty/OV/rustic light toasty/oak bit complex nose; quite tart/tangy bit metallic/steely some blackberry/peppery/Terrano/boysenberry rather earthy/dusty/root cellar light toasty/oak bit complex w/ ample rough/chewey tannins; very long quite tart/tangy/rough/rustic some peppery/pungent/blackberry/spicy/Terrano bit toasty/oak finish w/ ample rough tannins; a pretty rough/rugged/hard/chewey Terrano that needs 4-8 yrs of age; a pretty classic expression of Terrano. $30.00 (AV)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Vaillet: This was my first wine from this producer. I was pretty impressed. Jacquere is a grape that probably originated in Savoie. One of the parents is GouaisBlanc, the other unknown. It generally makes rather light/pleasant wines. This wine was one of the best Jacqueres I've had. A fragrance redolant of Alpine white flowers. I would like to try more of his wines, especially the Mondeuse.
2. Terrano: This is a grape indigeneous to the Istrian Peninsula part of Croatia. It is a member of the Refosco family. It typically makes a pretty big/rugged red that reminds some of Tazzalenghe. A variety they should be planting all up&down the coast of Calif. The best Terranos I've had come from SandiSkerk.
Several yrs ago, there was a move afoot by Slovenia to declare that Terrano came only from the Karst/Carso plateau of Slovenia. There claim seems a bit specious to me.

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