How good is the 2005 Burgundy vintage

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Howard Cooper
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Re: How good is the 2005 Burgundy vintage

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Ian S wrote: January 14th, 2021, 5:15 am
Marcu$ Stanley wrote: December 30th, 2020, 12:34 pm Meadows hailed 2015 as best since 2005 (better than 09/10) and another GOAT candidate
What does GOAT stand for mate? [scratch.gif] Is it some manner of Burghound acronym?
Think Michael Jordan

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Brady Daniels
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Re: How good is the 2005 Burgundy vintage

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James Billy wrote: January 14th, 2021, 12:31 am
A.Gillette wrote: January 13th, 2021, 10:02 am
I think it’s worth noting that burgundy doesn’t really age in a linear fashion and the wines tend to open and close and get better and worse multiple times from youth to maturity, so just waiting doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to catch it at the right point.
I've heard this before, but seems unlikely to me. Surely it's a function of the variability of the corks?
No, honestly Burgundy is just different. A Gillette is right. It doesn’t follow the classic Bordeaux aging curve of a period of youth, then a long plateau of peak drinking, then a slow, steady decline. Burgundy is ephemeral, not caring whether it’s owner thinks it should be drinking well.

You increase your odds by drinking in the first two years or waiting 15-20, but there are no guarantees.

I think some of this due to winemaking, and some is due to the quixotic nature of Pinot Noir.

Another thing is that normal wine logic doesn’t apply. You often see tasting notes telling readers that the wine is past peak, so “drink up!” Just the opposite holds true with burg. If the wine is not showing right, just push the remainder a little further back in the cellar. Drinking more now would be a blunder, waiting for its next change may be rewarded. Even lesser vintages of burg live a long time. 2000 was thought to be a vintage to drink in its youth, but the wines are delicious today, and I suspect they will be in 2031, too.
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Re: How good is the 2005 Burgundy vintage

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The only rule about 2005 is that there are no rules.
I've had magnificent young grand crus - how backward can Clos de Tart be? But not form magnum 5 years ago!
But there are indeed more surly and closed wines than in most other vintages. A poster-child in my own cellar has been the Dubreuil-Fontaine Volnay - villages but also containing a hefty whack of 1er cru juice. A bargain for under $20 back in 2008 but a performance for most of the last years that wasn't worth $20! I thought, 2 years ago, that it was maybe turning the corner. A bottle this weekend was young but completely open - great volume, texture and concentration - it was very tasty indeed even if still, relatively primary. Just one more data-point, but at least the latter-half of my 12-pack will recoup the value of the first-half!
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Re: How good is the 2005 Burgundy vintage

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Michael S. Monie wrote: January 3rd, 2021, 9:59 am 2005 Mugnier Marechale is showing beautifully right now.
IMO Mugnier's 2005s right now are all showing beautifully. I had the Musigny and the Fuees each twice in the past couple of years and found them exceptional. In general, I agree with all the skepticism in this thread toward the vintage as a while, but I also agree that what makes wine so fascinating is finding those producers who make excellent wine each year. This requires a lot of time, commitment and energy to be sure, but that is why I fell in love with wine in the first place.
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Re: How good is the 2005 Burgundy vintage

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billnanson wrote: January 19th, 2021, 6:47 am The only rule about 2005 is that there are no rules.
Isn't this, for the most part, true of any vintage? It's fun to generalize about the longevity of vintage, and its helpful in broad terms, but really when you are talking about thousands of wines made by hundreds of people any sort of generalization is going to fall pretty flat (with the exception of a few extremes, like 2004). I like that people are speaking about actual wines in this thread as that is what really provides valuable information. I'm always a little bemused when I hear something along the lines of "I opened a bottle of wine that was shut down from a particular vintage, and I've therefore concluded that the entire vintage is currently shut down."

Gaudissabois Johan
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Re: How good is the 2005 Burgundy vintage

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Had the 2005 BONNES MARES by F MUGNIER yesterday. Certainly a very good wine but surpisingly not up to the level of the CLOS de la MARECHALE now. A bit "cooked" by which I mean that the wine refleccts a bit the high temperature that ruled when it was picked. I suppose...


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