TN: NV Rocky River Vineyards Muscadine Rockin' Red (USA, North Carolina)

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TN: NV Rocky River Vineyards Muscadine Rockin' Red (USA, North Carolina)

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  • NV Rocky River Vineyards Muscadine Rockin' Red - USA, North Carolina (12/28/2020)
    So, four score and... /scratch that... ten years ago, I move south from NYC. I explored local and found an off the radar winery (excited). You are there and are served a series of 6 wines, out of which 2 are actually dry... stop me if you've heard this before... the rest are American Muscadine split in red and white formats... sweet as can be and there's nothing wrong with that...I'm just unprepared and these are unfamiliar. All said, I bought some to support local and I believe that everything deserves an equal chance to shine. Tonight, its late, and I pulled this bottle out of curiosity. It is dark ruby red in the glass. It swirls heavy as expected. The nose I will say is one of the more interesting I've taken in of late, its not one-note. Bright red fruit, candied, a bit of vanilla, Twizzlers comes to mind and it has that faint open the wrapper waft, and there's ore that I can't quite place. I want o say cola but that ain't it. Tab? Mouth feel is weighted, as expected, and then its cherry tour-de-force, sweet however not cloying and never gets syrupy, some darker fruit mixed in on the mid palate. minor(-) acidity, and then a laser beam of the fruit on the finish. It lasts and lingers, a great after-taste. Pair this with a chocolaty dessert and some acidic fruit, this will be just amazing and sing. Surprises are surprises, now I know what to do with the other bottle. Btw, I must have been lazy when entering this years back (I've had this for 5). its labeled "Fire Engine Red".
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