TN: 2010 Cameron Hughes 'Lot 404' CS [Stags Leap District]

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TN: 2010 Cameron Hughes 'Lot 404' CS [Stags Leap District]

#1 Post by Arv R » October 5th, 2020, 6:37 pm

2010 Cameron Hughes 'Lot 404' CS [Stags Leap District] This is a big 14.2% abv cab, drinking well now, but with an easy decade left on it. It drinks better on day 2 in my, having oxygenated a little in fridge. I suspect its a true 'negociant' wine in that it was assembled from multiple vineyards, growers in different AVA's, while still within the labeling confines for SLD cab. (That's just from looking at the product description....I can't taste that nuance) Like Lot 303, for my tastes its good, not great, and despite all the sweet fruit the complexity in the bouquet is limited. It's blackberry compote on the nose, maybe some RS on the palate? All that new oak has been soaked up by the end of its first decade. If I had to give a nod to the 303 or 404 - which I believe are similar vineyards/cepage - maybe I'd lean toward the 404. They are similar to me though, quite likable and very true to type. For me, a B grade in the ledger. It's on the soft, unstructured side but the fruit should carry it for years.

I suggest berserkers laying down oceans of de Negoce offerings consider trying older CH cab wines/notes and make sure you're ok with how they develop. I like this wine, but would not want to drink a case of it, even if it was a huge bargain. To me, these are great 'midweek no thoughts needed' to open, when my Old World wines normally get some consideration around what is for supper/stemware/aeration/company etc.

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