TN: Two Forlorn-Hope Whites...(short/boring)

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TN: Two Forlorn-Hope Whites...(short/boring)

#1 Post by TomHill » September 15th, 2020, 2:18 pm

Had these two over the last few days:
1. Forlorn-Hope Verdelho Rhu RorickHeritageVnyd/CalaverasCnty/SierraFoothills (13.60%) 2017: Med.dark gold color; strong herbal/Verdelho/bit floral very slight resiny/skin-contact slight earthy bit undistinguished nose; quite tart/tangy/bit lean light grapey/Verdelho/floral/herbal somewhat austere slight resiny/skin-contact bit grapefruity rather interesting flavor; very long tart/tangy/grapefruity slight floral/Verdelho/grapey slight resiny/skin-contact/phenolic/austere finish; rather tangy/austere but much more fruit than on release; may develop into something interesting...or may not.
2. Forlorn-Hope Amerikanischen Kobold Riesling Kick-OnRanch/LosAlamos (11.80%; 137 cs) 2014: Light gold color; strong stony/mineral/chalky/perfumed talc/steely light mango/R/floral light earthy/dusty rather fragrant complex nose; quite tart/tangy/metallic/steely very mineral/perfumed talc very light R/floral/mango lean/austere/tight flavor; very long tart/tangy/steely/austere very mineral/perfumed talc/stony/chalky light R/floral/mango/pineapple finish; some like the Ojai Kick-On but less fruit & more stony/mineral character; a bit painful to drink but may develop into something interesting..or may not.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. The phenolic character in the Verdelho was very low-key...hard to tell if it was made w/ skin-contact. A rather interesting wine from a variety used in the making of Madeira.
Both of these wines show the typical high acidity of Matt's whites. I'm hoping they will develop into something really interesting.

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