TN: Three More Carlisle '07's...(short/boring)

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TN: Three More Carlisle '07's...(short/boring)

#1 Post by TomHill » September 14th, 2020, 11:31 am

Tried these three Carlisles over the last week:
1. Carlisle TwoAcres RRV RW (13.7%; Mourv/PS/Syrah/Carignane/AlicanteBouchet; Plntd: 1910; 295 cs) 2007: Drk color w/ some bricking; strong fragrant plummy/earthy/blackberry/black cherry cola some toasty/oak slight loamy/rustic rather dusty/OV some complex nose; soft rather earthy/loamy/plummy/Mourv/black cherry cola/DrPepper/blackberry bit rustic almost ContraCosta-like/earthy slight drying/metallic bit complex flavor w/ soft tannins; very long soft strong plummy/Mourv/black cherry cola bit earthy/loamy/rustic some toasty/oak some complex finish w/ light soft tannins; reminds a lot of ContraCoasta Mourv but a bit brighter & more complex; a the slight tangy/metallic character that suggests it's a bit beyond its prime.
2. Carlisle Zin PaperaRanch/RRV (15.2%; Plntd in 1954 by CharleyPapera; 645 cs) SantaRosa 2007: Very dark color w/ slight bricking; strong blackberry/classic RRV Zin/boysenberry/rather spicy quite dusty/OV light pencilly/oak loads of Zin fruit some complex nose; soft slight metallic/tangy fairly dusty/OV slightly hot/alcoholic very strong spicy/blackberry/Zin/boysenberry/ripe light pencilly/toasty/oak bit complex flavor w/ light tangy tannins; very long/lingering strong blackberry/boysenberry/Zin/spicy/ripe bit hot/alcoholic bit complex finish w/ light tannins; quite a classic RRV Zin & still plenty of RRV fruit but starting to show a slight tangy/metallic edge of heading downhill.
3. Carlisle Zin CarlisleVnyd/RRV (14.8%; Plntd in 1927 by AlcidePelletti; + PetiteSirah/AlicanteBouchet/GrandNoir; 550 cs) SantaRosa 2007: Very dark color w/ slight bricking; stronger more aromatic very spicy/blackberry/RRV Zin rather black pepper quite dusty/OV stronger toasty/oak some complex beautiful aromatic nose; soft rather rich/lush very strong blackberry/RRV Zin/very spicy some toasty/oak quite dusty/OV some black pepper flavor w/ light ripe/smooth tannins; very long/lingering very spicy/blackberry/RRV Zin/peppery slight alcoholic finish w/ light smooth tannins; a beautiful Carlisle/Carlisle w/ lots of aromatics & spiciness; probably as good as it's gonna get & drink up.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Mike's Twackers. It was an old/abandoned vnyd that he often drove by as a home winemaker. He approached the own w/ a deal if he revived the vnyd & kept the fruit to make his ho-made wine, the owner would get a part of it. The deal was struck and it's been a part of the Carlisle portfolio since then.
The Carlisle Zin is consistently my favorite Carlisle Zin and this '07 was no exception.

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Re: TN: Three More Carlisle '07's...(short/boring)

#2 Post by David Lewin » September 15th, 2020, 5:33 pm

I was drinking the 2007 Two Acres over the past three days. I agree that it's probably a bit past its prime, but was quite drinkable all three days. And the nose that first night, was explosive, wonderful.

In my experience the Carlisle Vineyard Zinfandels start out slower than those from Papera and Montafi, but finish stronger.

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